Luma Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifiers Review

A Review of Luma Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifiers

If you are looking for humidifiers that will give you great comfort from all perspectives then Luma Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifiers are the best. The manufacturer designs their products with the philosophy that we cannot only achieve comfort from ergonomically-built humidifiers but also enjoy a great visual appeal when looking at these appliances. The company appreciates the significance of the best quality possible which is quite attractive.

Staying in a room that has dry air or cold air can affect your health and that of your family members greatly. They will come with effects such as sinuses, itchy eyes, asthma, dry skin, sore throats and man more. It is therefore good to maintain good air humidity to avoid all these health issues.

The best and simplest way to saturate the living area is using a humidifier. Humidifiers add water in the air helping regulate the humidity. This is done by typically combining both the heating system and the cooling system. They are very many models available in the market.

From 2011, Luma has been in the market providing people with products that give a thought to both diversity and beauty. Today, it is one of the leading manufacturers of eco-friendly air purifiers, misting fans, evaporative coolers, ice makers and humidifiers. The company values style because, as they say, no one wants ugly.

In this review, we will look at their two stylish and functional humidifiers: the Luma Comfort HC12W and the Luma comfort HC12B ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers. Do not look anymore for a beautiful and well-functioning humidifier. These two will serve you well and you will not regret buying either. Read on to see a detailed review of the two units.

Let us start by first comparing the two.

Comparison Table


Luma Comfort HC12W


Luma comfort HC12B


Color White Black
Noise level 35db 35db
Usage Single room/area Single room/area
Runtime per tank 45 hours 45 hours
Tank size 1.18 gallons 1.18 gallons
Nightlight No No
Control type Digital Digital
Filters No No
Automatic shut-off No No
Empty tank indicator Yes Yes
Humidistat No No


How the Luma Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifiers Work

From the comparison table above, it is clear that the only difference between the two is the color. They have the same features and operate the same way. These humidifiers are designed to offer functionality and versatility. They are both ultrasonic humidifiers, using vibrated technology that helps break the water into tiny particles which are later formulated into cool mist particles.

The humidifiers produce the mist with no noise using a small amount of energy. Ideally, these appliances are fit for a single room of up to 650 sq. ft. The Luma humidifiers come with three heights to choose from. This means you can use them on the floor, as a tabletop vase or on a desk. This is made possible by three different nozzles and different heights.

Equipped with a tank that holds 1.18 gallons of water, the Luma humidifiers minimize the need for refilling frequently. They are designed with a sleek finish that makes it suitable for any home décor. You will realize that the appliances do not come with the automatic shut-off that helps humidifiers go off if the water tank is empty but has an indicator that turns red and keeps blinking until you refill the water tank.

These Luma comfort ultrasonic humidifiers also come with a demineralization cartridge (DMC) that is designed to remove the minerals from the water being used by the appliance. By removing the minerals, it will help improve the lifespan of the appliance and avoid white mist production. This also makes the cleaning easier by reducing the buildup that comes as a result of the hard water in the tank.

The Benefits of Buying The Luma Comfort Humidifiers

Benefit #1 Uses ultrasonic technology

You will agree with me no one would want to add an appliance that will double their electricity bill. The key benefit of buying the Luma comfort humidifiers is their low energy consumption they have. They are fitted with ultrasonic technology that enables them to use 80% less of the energy used by most of the humidifiers in the market.

Benefit #2 Operates for up to 45 hours per tank fill

The humidifiers come with a large tank that can hold 1.18 gallons of water and this water can run for up to 45 hours without a refill. Many humidifiers in the market will require you to refill it after every less than 8 hours. This is quite tedious. With the Luma comfort HC12W or HC12B, you can go for more than one day without having to refill it.
There is nothing annoying as a two o-clock alarm from the humidifier alerting you for a refill. Enjoy your sleep in a well-saturated room with no distractions with an ultrasonic humidifier from Luma comfort. When the tank goes empty the humidifier light indicator will turn red and keep blinking until the tank is refilled.

Benefit #3 Sleek vase designs

These humidifiers come with a very beautiful design of a vase. This makes it very hard for people to know it is a humidifier when placed on a table or the floor. Many will just think it is a vase for decoration purposes.
It also has a sleek finish that makes it suitable for any type of décor. Therefore when buying it, you do not have to worry about it blending with your home setting.

Benefit #4 Eight adjustable mist settings

The level of humidity may vary from time to time. Therefore, you can easily set the appliance to the volume output of mist that you want the humidifiers to produce. If you want to increase the volume of mist been produced you can easily do it by pressing the “+” sign on the humidifier. To decrease the mist setting you only need to press the “–“ sign.

These settings are accompanied by a musical alert. The alerts indicate a successful increase or decrease of the mist volume. The blue light that will turn blue will also be an indicator of a successful change. These settings allow you saturate your room to a comfortable level of humidity.

You can also adjust the height.

Benefit #5 Comes with a demineralization cartridge

The cartridge makes the cleaning easier for there will be no buildups. The minerals present in the water are also a hazard to the humidifiers for they reduce their lifespan. The presence of the cartridge gives the Luma humidifiers a longer lifespan compared to the other humidifiers.

These humidifiers do not need filters for they have this cartridge. Filters come at an extra cost for in many cases need replacement at least twice every season. Luma comfort humidifiers do not need filters for they have the cartridge. It also makes it possible for you to use any type of water, unlike many humidifiers that require you to use distilled water. The cartridge can work for more than one year without replacement.

Benefit #6 Naturally eliminates dust particles

The truth is that manufacturers design many humidifiers for the sole purpose of adding moisture to the dry and cold air in the room. On the other hand, the Luma comfort ultrasonic humidifiers come with an added advantage of manually eliminating the airborne dust particles present in the air. With these appliances, you do not need to buy a purifier.

The humidifiers do not produce the white dust that is a result of the minerals present in the water. The demineralization cartridge will eliminate all the minerals thereby producing no white dust will in the mist. The dust is harmful to people with allergies and does not look good on furniture.

Benefit #7 Covers 650 square feet

You can use these humidifiers in an area as large as 650 square feet. They are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms office settings, and even the nurseries. Luma humidifiers come in a good size and weight that make it possible for you to move them from one room to the other. You cannot use the appliance to saturate a big area such as the whole apartment.

Benefit #8 Add soothing cool mist to the dry air for personal comfort

During the summer and winter season, the dry and cold air highly affects people. These seasons come with effects such as sore throats, sinuses, dry skin, cold, and coughs. A Luma comfort ultrasonic humidifier is the solution to all these.
The humidifiers will add cool mist to the dry and colds air making it feel more comfortable. It will do this with no noises.


Dry air and cold air are not good for the body and even the home structures. A humidifier is, therefore, a must-have appliance for every home. Luma comfort manufactures has the best ultrasonic humidifiers in the market. According to the color that you like most you can choose between the HC12W and HC12B. They have similar features and work the same.

We have seen that they come with a lot of benefits. However, before purchasing either of them, you need to consider the area you want to saturate. The Luma Comfort Ultrasonic humidifiers are designed to only saturate a single room. If you are looking for a humidifier for use in the whole house or apartment, this will not be a good choice. Aletrnatively, you can purchase a bigger humidifier for the entire house.

Otherwise, these are recommendable humidifiers for your house. The design is perfect and operating it is very easy. Cleaning the water reservoir is also very easy. You will also love their ergonomic, sleek and modern design. The Luma will serve you for a long time without failing. All you have to do for your Luma Comfort Ultrasonic humidifier to function free of defects is clean it regularly.

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