A review of Rainmate Air Purifiers

A Review of Rainmate Air Purifiers

There aren’t many products that we can swear by. Luckily for us, Rainmate air purifiers are not some of them. These beautifully designed purifiers feature great functionality and an ergonomic design that ensures efficiency.  You can rely on the small Rainmate air purifier to clean the air in your home for fresher and healthier environment. Not only do you get cleaner air, but you also get a lovely scent of your choice to make your home or office smell heavenly. Honestly, if you are looking for a small air purifier without too many confusing specs or unnecessary features, the Rainmate has got you covered.

While it is easy to just pick any item off the shelf, it makes more sense to get the best. Rainmate air purifiers have an array of products that looks quite similar but is indeed, different and suitable for various areas.  There are two products in the Rainmate range that impress us with their simplicity: the Rainbow Rainmate IL and the Rainbow Rainmate Fresh Aire. Mostly, you will find different variations of the Freshaire with different scents. The features, however, and make are similar.

So what exactly is the Rainmate? The Rainmate is a table top air purifier that resembles a small pot. This design allows it to efficiently filter the air in a room while circulating a sweet scent, any of your choice, for a wonderfully scented home or office.  With a range of scents to choose from, you can drastically improve the environment you are in with the nature scent you like. If you like exotic scents, the Rainmate gives you a wide selection from the luxury collection comprised of Mandarin Rosewood, Tea Tree Mint, Lavender Juniper and Orange Ginger. For normal scents that are sold in packs of four, you get a choice of Apple Blossom, Berry, Eucalyptus, Gardenia, Lemon, Orange, Pine, Spice, Vanilla, and Violet.

More About Rainmate Air Purifiers

The Rainmate Rainbow cleaning system is largely known for its ability to ensure a deep cleaning of your office or home. Whether you are seeking to improve your personal environment, or desire a sweet scent to refresh your space, the Rainmate will do this for you.

Those who have hunted for an air purifier know how tough it is to get an efficient machine. There are features and specifications to consider. One thing that draws many to the Rainbow Rainmate is the use of true HEPA filters and a UV light. The Rainbow brand is popular for its LED lights too. This review helps us determine if the Rainmate is a suitable appliance for your home or office. Let us look at the features that the units provide.

For this review, we shall consider the Rainmate IL and the Rainmate Fresh Aire. Below is a comparison table to differentiate the two Rainmate products.

Comparison Table

Rainmate Fresh Aire Rainmate IL
LED Lights Yes(6) Yes (2)
Certifications CE, RoSH CE, RoSH
Water tank capacity 1 Quart 1 Quart
Can add fragrance oils Yes Yes
Maximum Coverage 360 SQ FT 360 SQ FT
Capacity 14000 Cubic Feet per Day 14000 Cubic Feet per Day


Benefits and Drawbacks of Rainmate Air Purifiers

Rainbow air purifiers are ozone-based air cleaners that effectively remove all the mold and odor from small spaces. The Rainmate uses a tank of clean water to spread freshly scented air across the room. It is the use of water and the suggestion of vapor that makes it akin to a purifier. You might even consider it a fancy scented humidifier but it does clean the air so we will not wrongly categorize it. There are benefits and drawbacks of having any of these purifiers. Here is a detailed review.

Rainbow Rainmate IL

Benefit #1 Great Appearance

The Rainbow Rainmate IL is a sleek-looking air purifier that blends easily with any other small household appliance. It fits in any home décor and thankfully, it is small enough to sit conspicuously on the table while doing its job without attracting unnecessary attention.

You can get the Rainbow Rainmate in a variety of colors including ivory and black. Besides its beautiful shape, the air purifier comes with LED lights that beautifully illuminate the water below or serve as a night light.

Benefit #2 Lovely scents

The Rainmate can be used as an aromatizer as it comes with an added feature allowing you to have any scents in the luxury or assorted fragrance collection. These are simply added to the water to release a sweet smell that lingers in the home. Bring a refreshing scent to your living space with the Rainbow collection. You can buy some of the scents are separately or get a Rainmate purifier with scents on purchase.

Benefit #3 Night Light

This product comes with a night light, as earlier mentioned, that brings a warm aura to the home. You can use it to illuminate the water or put it on the counter top to illuminate your home. The IL comes with two configurations: a high light blue and a low blue light to create a pleasant night tone. You can choose either according to your preference.

Benefit #4

The purifier connects to any standard 110-volt outlet so you can connect to the normal sockets without extensions. The Rainmate also has an on and off switch so you will not have to plug it in or unplug it.

Drawback #1 Not too many purification abilities

The Rainbow Rainmate does not make any crazy claims about its air purification abilities. This is because it is a small appliance only meant to get rid of air pollution without the stellar capabilities of eliminating pollen and dander like other brands.

Drawback #2 A bit of noise

While some describe this sound as soothing for better sleep, others think it is a bit louder than most air purifiers. You have to decide for yourself if the sound emitted is acceptable.

Rainbow Rainmate Fresh Aire

The Rainmate Fresh Aire, like the IL, is a magnificent table top device that uses hydro purification technology to trap bad smells, air, smoke, spores, bacteria and dust. It then atomizes and releases this clean air to the surrounding environment leaving the room fresh and free of pollution. You can aromatize with the Fresh Aire by mixing a few drops of essential oil into the water tank.  Combat tobacco smoke, cooking smells and other bad smells lingering in your home with the aroma you prefer. With 6 LED lights, you can also create a beautiful, ambient and relaxing atmosphere with the Fresh Aire.

Benefit #1 LED lights

The water-based Fresh Aire has 6 color changing lights that illuminate the room while serving as a striking night light for the home. You can make use of this night light feature by placing it on the desk, bedside table.

Benefit #2 Hydro water purification Technology

This air purifier utilizes state of the art professional water purification technology that creates a cleaner and safer environment especially for people who suffer from asthma. If you have any breathing problems, the Fresh Aire can help you alleviate your symptoms and help you breath better.

Benefit #3 Clean air

The air purifier helps eliminate bad odors, bacteria, cooking smells and secondhand smoke among many other air pollutants from the air. This leaves your home and office smelling fresh and clean.

Benefit #4 Aromatizer

You can add any essential oils of your liking to achieve a sweet scent in your home. Just add two to three drops of your favorite oils into the water in the tank to get the scent you desire.

Our Thoughts on Rainmate

The Rainmate is a luxury air freshener and purifier. It is a good alternative to chemical air fresheners and looks greater than many store-bought air fresheners. You are also not limited to one scent as you can choose any you like and change as often as you like.  Combined with the air purification function, this is your best bet if you want to kill two birds with one stone. The Rainbow Rainmate can complement the clean air with a sweet scent. The dedicated air purifier does the tough job of removing impurities such as bad smells, cooking smells and airborne articles from the home. This is does while freshening the clean air with a great scent.

As an air freshener, any of the Rainbow Rainmate purifiers will do a good job. It uses simple water and fragrances to give your living space a nice scent. However, if you are looking for a great air purifier, you would be better suited with an appliance that has more features and can work for larger spaces. You cannot trust the Rainmate to do a job it cannot do. It cannot remove pet dander or purify the air as effectively as bigger brands would. That is a fact. This makes it suitable for small rooms and for people who want a simple appliance that can give them a better air quality and release sweet scents to the room. If you understand this, you will love the Rainmate air purifiers.

To Sum it up

For a proper air purifier, we suggest you try the Coway Air Purifier AP-1008DH which has so much going on and will be a great choice for most people. Whether you live in an apartment or bungalow, the slender design and stylish finishes will fit perfectly in your home. Further, it has an array of features that make it safe, efficient, reliable and more affordable. You will also enjoy a peace of mind as it has received a number of certifications for its energy-saving capabilities.

We hope that you found this review useful. Do you like the Rainmate IL or the Rainmate Fresh Aire?





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Daniel Gentile says February 25, 2019

I have wood burning fireplace that creates smoke and odor conditions in home. Particle screen type air filter did not help. Rainmate noticeably cleared air in minutes and significantly reduced lingering smoke smell when left running longer.

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