A Review on HoMedics air purifiers

A Review on Homedics Air Purifiers

Remove all the unpleasant smells from your living space with the striking and feature-packed range of Homedics air purifiers. These top quality purifiers promise to eliminate 99.97% of pet dander, allergens, impurities, smoke, dust and germs. You can use the appliances in the kitchen to remove cooking smells that hung in the air like fish and garlic. If you have a pet, you know that no matter how you love them they will leave dirt and dust that impact the air quality while their fur can cause allergies.

HoMedics air purifiers are designed with all these factors in mind making the best air cleaners for home use. With a variety of sizes available for different room sizes, you are certain to get one that is suitable for you. The revolutionary air purifiers have auto timers so you can set and forget. You can also make use of the air revitalizers that use various scents to wash the air off its bad smells like cigarette smoke. Keep your office or home clean and healthy with the Homedics air purifiers.

This review will cover five Homedics air purifiers: the True HEPA Small Room Air Purifier (AP-15), brēthe® Air Revitalizer (BRT-210), TotalClean PetPlus™ Air Purifier (AT-PET02), True HEPA Medium Room Air Purifier (AP-25) and Homedics AF-75 Hepa Air Cleaner. Let us see the features and drawbacks of each model, shall we?

Features and Drawbacks of Homedics Air Purifiers

True HEPA Small Room Air Purifier (AP-15)

The AP-15 is a small air purifier designed for rooms that measure up to 114 sq ft. You get the benefits of a modern and stylish design coupled with advanced technology and valuable features that will improve the air quality at home. This unit is able to purify and clean your air with speed and efficiency allowing you to enjoy all of its benefits without delay.

Benefit # 1 True HEPA filtration

The AP-15 is able to remove germs, allergens, impurities, pet dander, smoke, dust and mold spores with efficiency. It can eliminate up to 99.97% airborne allergens as tiny as 0.3 microns. The result? You breathe cleaner, fresher air in a sweeter smelling home.

Benefit #2 Carbon Filter

The True HEPA small room air purifier comes with a carbon filter that removes household odors. This is an ideal feature if you live in a polluted area.

Benefit #3 Filter Indicators

No need to manually check if your filters need a change as the filter indicators on the side will promptly alert you.

Benefit #4 Night Light

The machine has a beautiful and functional night mode that turns off the display light. It illuminates the room with its glorious light making a worthy spectacle.

Benefit #5 Compact and Stylish Design

The beautiful design of this appliance simply stands out. It has a stylish and ergonomic design that takes up just enough space in the room while adding a stylish element to it.

Benefit #6 Three Cleaning Speeds

With a range of three different cleaning speeds, you can easily adjust the purifier to meet your family’s needs.

brēthe® Air Revitalizer (BRT-210)

With brēthe® Air Revitalizer, you can look forward to modern and convenient features that offer maximum efficiency. With its unique design, it also fits effortlessly into any room without causing any inconvenience or taking up too much space.

Benefit #1 Vortex Cleaning Action

This air purifier uses a unique cleaning action known as Vortex that utilizes a mist to wash the incoming air with an emulsified botanical solvent. This 100% rainforest mist comes with a selection of three scents namely vanilla, lime and citrus to give your house a refreshing smell.

Benefit#2  Require no  bacteria filled wicks or filters

The air purifier does not use filters or wicks which seem to retain bacteria. You will not have to incur extra costs purchasing filters too.

Benefit #3 Soothing blue light

The brēthe®  has a soothing blue light that illuminates your space. With its striking design, this air purifier will add style to your room while delivering maximum efficiency.

TotalClean PetPlus™ Air Purifier (AT-PET02)

Everyone in your home will benefit from the use of an efficient system like this one, especially those with respiratory conditions and allergies. With an advanced contaminant removal capabilities, the TotalClean PetPlus™ Air Purifier (AT-PET02) will promptly provide you with healthier and purer air in your home.

Benefit #1 Pet Plus Technology

This is specially designed for homes with pets. The Pet Plus technology eliminates all the pet dander and smells leaving a clean and healthy environment for all the occupants. With a triple stage filtration, the TotalClean will remove hair, fur and large fibers. The air purifier comes with an exclusive PetPlus&trde filter that removes common pet odors.

Benefit #2 Long, Stylish Design

The tower design allows the air purifier to efficiently eliminate all the contaminants, pet dander, mold spores and allergens that lurk in the air. It also serves as a stylish addition to any room besides its useful functionality.

True HEPA Medium Room Air Purifier (AP-25)

Anyone that decides to buy Homedics will be able to look forward to an innovative design, great quality and a range of features. Perfectly suited for medium-sized rooms, the True HEPA Medium Room Air Purifier (AP-25) is reliable, efficient and will have a great impact on the air quality for your home.

Benefit #1 Hassle-free Operation

With it’s simple and hassle free operation, you will not have to do so much to get cleaner air in the home. The super powerful filtration removes up to 99.97% of airborne germs and allergens that could be as small as 0.3 microns. It captures and removes dust, smoke, pet dander and mold spores. With a carbon filter, the AP-25 reduces odors in the home and catches large particles using 3 air purifying speeds.

Benefit #2 Ideal for medium-sized rooms

This is a great air purifier for medium-sized rooms that measure upto 189 sq.ft.  The AP-25 is an upgrade from the AP-15 which only covers 114 sq. ft. The specifications and design are quite similar with both having filter indicators, 3 air purifying speeds and a night mode.

Benefit #3 Backlight Buttons

The AP-25 has backlit buttons which aid in clear vision when checking the appliance at night. You can the change the settings with ease for a cleaner and healthier home environment.

Homedics AF-75 Hepa Air Cleaner

The HoMedics AF-75 Air Purifier comes with a very efficient filter system, which works to remove up to 99.97% of particles and allergens from the air. The tower unit uses True HEPA technology, which means powerful performance.

Benefit # 1 Hypoallergenic Permanent HEPA Filter

The AF-75 has a permanent hypoallergenic filter to eliminate allergens and contaminants from the air for fresher, cleaner and healthier air. You will particularly like this unit if you have an ailing family member or suffer from respiratory conditions/ allergies.

Benefit #2 Efficient Air Cleaning System

Like other Homedics air purifiers, the AF-75 utilizes the true HEPA technology that removes contaminants and other airborne allergens from the air. The air purifier eliminates dust mites, pet dander, viruses, bacteria, smoke and pollen. It also uses UV light to remove fungus, mold and bacteria. With a carbonized pre-filter, the appliance is able to remove smells from the air.

Benefit #3 Electronic Filter Check Monitor

The electronic filter check monitor helps you check the appliance and replace the filters when necessary. When backlight features, you can check the air purifier with ease helping you change the settings when necessary.

Benefit #4 Aham and Energy Star Certified

Fully certified by Aham and Energy Star, the air purifier ensures you get the best benefits without blowing up your electricity bill. Also, it is safe for home use.

Benefit #5 3 Air Cleaning Speeds

The appliance has three different cleaning speeds for seamless adjustment to your family’s needs.

Bottom Line

Today, everyone is seeking clean air and so look for the most efficient air purifiers or cleaners. There are various designs, styles, manufacturers, models, and features to choose from if you looking for an air cleaner. The air purifiers have one aim- to purify and clean the air at home from bacteria, allergens, contaminants, pet dander and other impurities. This then boosts the well-being, health and improve the quality of life for the occupants of the home. With different styles and features, you can be rest assured that the prices are different too.

Choosing an air purifier with top features will increase the cost but also grants you excellent service thus worth every penny. When buying an air purifier, consider several factors including needs, preferences, specifications, budget, available space and price to get the most suitable model for your needs and your space. One of the best models in the market is the HoMedics range of air purifiers.

You will realize that most of today’s models feature a tower, slim and rectangular design. The HoMedics air purifiers come in several shapes and sizes. A great price and an pleasant look is not enough. You need stellar service and that is exactly what HoMedics is all about. You can enjoy a better home environment in your home with this brand.

HoMedics is a company that boasts a great rapport as one of the best air purifier manufacturers in the market. It began in 1987 where it opened its doors. The company has a strong focus in a healthy environment. Besides, its role in creating efficient home air purification systems, the company also manufactures sleeping aids, massage products, humidifiers and a number of other products.


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