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HYDRA-LG Commercial Series Electronic Humidifier Review

Do you have a cigar cabinet in your home or do you own a store with a cigar cabinet? If so, then you are going to need to ensure that they are properly taken care of and that they aren’t in too much

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Hunter Humidifier 33520 Review

Why buy two when you can have both? The is both a warm and cool mist humidifier from the Hunter Fan Company. You may be wondering what the difference between cool and warm mist is. Well, there really

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Honeywell TrueEASE Fan Powered Humidifier

More often than not, those small humidifiers just don’t do what they should. Either they don’t cover the square footage you need or they just don’t work right. You need a humidifier that is going

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Review of Water Stone Humidifier

Water Stone Humidifier

Water Stone Humidifier Humidifiers tend to be bulky and not very aesthetically pleasing. However, humidifiers aren’t designed to be attractive, they are designed to keep your home at a comfortable humidity

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Beurer Air Washer and Air Humidifier review

Beurer lb88 Air Humidifier and Air Washer Review

There’s nothing quite comparable to a product that can do more than one task at a time. One such product that I am talking about is the . Healthy air equals a healthy life. Not only that, but it can

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R2D2 Personal Humidifier Review (Ultrasonic Cool Mist Star Wars)

Star Wars R2D2 Ultrasonic Cool Mist Personal Humidifier   Are you a fan of Star Wars? Is your favorite character R2D2? If so, then you’re going to love this 5.5” . One reason that this is recommended

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Safety First 360 Humidifier Review

  Babies can have a tough time breathing if the air is dry, believe me, I know from experience. The reason that the  is recommended is due to the sheer fact that the two mist outlets rotate a full

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