Review of Best Air purifier for Smoke Under 100

Best Air purifier for Smoke Under 100

With summers come sweaty brows and a whole lot of discomfort. And for those of us spending hours in the kitchen, the stakes are higher. Accumulation of smoke and heat can lead to a harsh environment which can not only affect your complexion, but also create a risk of hyperthermia. We hunted the internet and went through 120 different products to bring you the best air purifier for smoke under 100. Our favorite is the Germ Guardian.

So how in the world do you get rid of smoke? We believe that a good air purifier can do just the trick.

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Our Top Pick:
The Germ Guardian Air Purifier Best Air purifier for Smoke Under 100:

The Germ Guardian is no doubt one of the best ones out there. It features an exclusive HEPA filter, titanium dioxide powered UV-C technology, and an expansive coverage.

But why should you believe us? You shouldn’t. But you should believe the 83% of customers who were content with what they got.

Benefit #1: Captures 99.97% Bacteria:

The Germ Guardian Air Purifier has been our favorite for a long time now, and the unique HEPA Filter is the main reason why. This product is able to not only capture dust particles and material substances, but can also prevent the spread of 99.97% of bacteria and microbes. That’s why it made it to number one on our list.

Benefit #2: Kills Microbes Using UV-C Technology:

UV-C Technology has seen a rise in recent years, and Germ Guardian make the most of it. It utilizes a Titanium Dioxide compound to kill microbes, bacteria, viruses, germs, and even mold spores in the atmosphere. So you can breathe safely and freely.

Benefit #3: Perfect For Medium-Sized Rooms:

The Germ Guardian Air Purifier has an amazing coverage, expanding beyond rooms. It is perfect for medium and small sized rooms, and can even be utilized with some larger ones. The coverage is pretty neat, but not as neat as the technology that facilitates it.

Drawback #1: Requires Maintenance:

Wehn we went through the customer reviews, we found that the Germ Guardian Air Purifier requires excessive maintenance and care, lest we fall victim to breakdowns and malfunctions. However, this is only to ensure that you get the most out of the product, and that it lasts longer.


The Germ Guardian Air Purifier is certainly one of the best air purifiers for smoke under 100, and the 83% customer satisfaction rate just goes to prove it.

#2 Hamilton Beach True Air Purifier:

Making it to number 2nd on our list is the Hamilton Beach True Air Purifier which can evacuate allergens and dust from rooms as large as 160 square feet, utilizes permanent HEPA filters, and three distinct control settings.

Benefit #1: Has Great Coverage:

Although the Hamilton Beach True Air Purifier wasn’t able to make it to number 1 on our list, we were still mesmerized by its features. Quite specifically, the purifier can cover a wide range, and is best for rooms as big as 160 square feet. This is only facilitated by the super high-tech equipment used in the product.

Benefit #2: Removes Bacteria And Allergens:

Air purifiers have since long been used to reduce the percent of allergens and bacteria in the air. The Hamilton Air Purifier excels at this job. The filtration system is extremely unique, and utilizes a permanent HEPA filter to subtract a large amount of pollen and dust from the air.

Benefit #3: Can Be Adjusted:

Let’s admit it. We all love a product that we can finetune to our ease. And what can be more adjustable than the Hamilton Beach True Air Purifier? This product features three distinct settings: high, medium, and low. Plus you can set the timer according to your needs.

Drawback #1: Filter Needs Replacing:

The filter is a permanent HEPA, but in recent cases it was replaced by a simple paper filter. This filter will definitely need replacing every 3 months, but it’s worth the extra effort. After all, it’s all for your own benefit.


To conclude, the Hamilton Beach True Air Purifier is one of the most outstanding purifiers we have ever tried, and we’re sure you’ll love it too.

#3: HoneyWell Compact Tower Air Purifier:

At number three, we have the Honeywell Compact Tower Air Purifier. At first glance, you might not think much of it. But wait till you hear about its patented ifD filtration system, two level air purification, and the exceptional adjustability.

Benefit #1: Exceptional At Filtration:

Filtration is the most important factor when it comes to buying air purifiers. The HoneyWell Compact Air Purifier may not use HEPA technology, but its ifD filtration system will definitely make up for that. This specific model has a two-level air purification system, meaning you get twice as much of fresh air as with any regular purifier.

Benefit #2: Sleek And Modern Design:

Although the performance says everything about a product, we can surely agree that the design plays an important role too. It is extremely necessary that the design of air purifiers is flawless and looks exceedingly professional.

And that’s exactly what the HoneyWell Compact Air Tower Purifierexcels at. This product has a sleek and ultramodern white or black polished look with a compact design that will fit almost anywhere and take up as less space as possible.

Benefit #3: Little To No Maintenance:

We know. It can be a headache sometimes. But with the HoneyWell Compact Air Purifier, forget about all your maintenance worries. This purifier requires little to no maintenance, and will work months at a time before showing even a minute sign of malfunction.

Drawback #1: May Emit A Smell:

Many people who used this purifier noted a strange smell emitting from the unit. This is, of course, nothing much to worry about. But we’ll count it as a drawback as we certainly don’t want to be living with our noses closed.


Despite the smell, the HoneyWell Compact Tower Air Purifier is definitely one of our favorites, and there’s a reason it’s number three.

#4: Germ Guardian Purifier Sanitizer:

Another product from Germ Guardian makes it to our list. This company has certainly outdone themselves. This model from Germ Guardian also has a permanent HEPA filter that can remove bacteria, and a charcoal filter that will prevent odors from spreading too.

Benefit #1: Prevents Odors:

The Germ Guardian Purifier Sanitizer has tons of features, and this is just one of them. It utilizes charcoal-activated odor filters to remove any sort of unwanted smells from the room, such as those from rain, pets, smoke, cooking, or body odor. The unit also removes any material dust particles that may end up in the environment.

Benefit #2: Kills Bacteria And Viruses:

This isn’t something that no other purifier can provide, but its definitely something that only the Germ Guardian can exceed it. This product has excellent filtration quality, and will almost instantly kill all types of germs, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, allergens, pollens, and pet danders. It’s the best out there.

Benefit #3:  Filtration System:

The Germ Guardian has a permanent HEPA filter, which is ten times better than a regular paper filter. This filter not only captures and removes dust and pollen, but also has the ability to sanitize the air and remove air-borne bacteria and viruses. So you can breathe safely.

Drawback #1: May Have A Plastic-like Smell:

Many users reported that this, and subsequent products from Germ Guardian had a distinct plastic-like smell. This is likely due to low maintenance, but we felt that the manufacturers are to blame here too. Whatever the case, the Germ Guardian is definitely worth the money.


The Air Purifier and Sanitizer from Germ Guardian is no doubt an exquisite product. We absolutely loved it!

#5: Holmes Compact HEPA Egg Air Purifier:

Who doesn’t love a unique and flattering design? We sure do. The Holmes Compact Air Purifier is shaped like an oblong egg, and works just as well. It features HEPA filtration, 3 cleaning speeds, a low battery indicator, and a 3-year warranty.

Benefit #1: HEPA Filter:

The Egg-Shaped Holmes Compact Air Purifier uses high-quality HEPA filtration to remove dust, odor, sand, and allergens from the air, while also killing off any germs and bacteria present. This is one reason why 50% of all customers loved the Holmes Air Purifier. The filter is able to capture particles of pet dander and pollen as small as 2 microns, and should be your best choice.

Benefit #2: Rich Design:

We just outright loved the design. It has an oblong shape which mimics that of a white egg, and the finish is exquisite. It has a minimalistic structure, and features easy-to-use buttons, and a 360-degree pure air distribution. Not only that, but there seems to be great attention to detail, as the surface is extremely smooth and gorgeous.

Benefit #3: Highly Customizable:

The buttons are easy to press and comprehend, but what makes this purifier so helpful is that it has three settings: high, low, and moderate. Perhaps this is the reason why so many people just love the Holmes Air Purifier. It’s heavily customizable.

Drawback #1: May Not Work After Cleaning:

Several users reported that after cleaning out the filter or replacing it, the unit stopped working properly. This could be due to bad maintenance, a manufacturing fault, or bad handling of the filter while cleaning it. Nevertheless, we will say that there certainly can be an improvement on this part.


The Holmes Compact Egg Air Purifier is definitely a user’s favorite.


Air Purifiers are the future, and while we admired all of the above 5 products, we found that the Germ Guardian Air Purifier was the most loved, with a whopping 83% customer satisfaction rate.

But we highly advise that you try out all of the above products yourself, as only you can decide which is the best air purifier for smoke under 100.

So don’t forget to breathe, and SHARE to let others know of our top picks.

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