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Review of Oreck WK15500B Air Refresh 2-in-1 Hepa Air Purifier & Ultrasonic Humidifier for Small Rooms

Oreck Air Purifier and Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

If you’re an avid reader, you’ll know that we’ve done hundreds of humidifier reviews. But you may be wondering: what sets the  apart from everything else we’ve written about? The answer to

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Therapure air purifiers reviews

Therapure Air Purifiers Review

When it comes to efficiency, there are several brands that we can swear by. Therapure is one of them. The air purifier manufacturing company boasts excellent craftsmanship and an innovative brilliance

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A review of the Winix 6300-2

Winix Air Purifier 6300-2 Review

When we think air, we often think that the air at home would be cleaner than the air outside. However, that is untrue. The air inside our homes can be dirtier as it often contaminated with smoke, cooking

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Review of the Winix 6300

Winix Air Purifier 6300 Review

The is a force to reckon with when it comes to air purification. This is one of the good air purifiers we have in the market. Sure, it has its flaws but it also is one of the efficient purifiers that

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Review of Sharp KC-850U Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifying Function

Sharp Air Purifier And Humidifier Review

Why we recommend this model We scavenged the internet to hunt down the most prestigious and longest-lasting air humidifier, and after analyzing a set of 50 different products, we’ve settled down for

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Best Air Purifiers under $100

If you ever feel the urge to open a window or go out of your houses to catch some air, it might be time to get an air purifier. Due to limited air circulation in the house, the air outside is often purer

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