Honeywell Quiet Clean Air Purifier Review

Honeywell Quiet Clean Air Purifier Review

In today’s world and prices, it might have seemed like a smart move to seal off your home to save on heating and air conditioning bills. But what if we told you that sealing off your house has now caused your home to become polluted and an untold number of allergens to collect in your everyday living space? Maybe you’re not prone to allergies but no one is immune to the kind of dangerous illnesses you can contract when you’re not getting clean air. What you need is a heavy duty air purifier that doesn’t just clean air but moves it around and recycles it every five hours. Something that is quiet and dependable but more importantly efficient and cost saving. Let’s read the Honeywell Quiet Clean Air Purifier review to find if it meets our expectations.

The Honeywell Quiet Clean air purifier picks up the air and passes it through three different layers of purification, and uses an oscillating fan to move it evenly about the room. This air purifier comes with innovative filter technology that works great and is incredibly efficient.

Honeywell Quiet Clean Air Purifier Review:

Reason # 1: Air Changes Per Hour:

The Honeywell air purifier has a range of about 170 sq. ft. but the most remarkable feature of this product is the number of air changes it provides per hour. Some people like to think that once they’ve turned their air purifier on, that’s it. And now they’re constantly breathing in pure air. But what they don’t realize is that the act of breathing in and out is adding pollution to that once clean air. But if you have they Honeywell quiet clean air purifier you can rest assured that this purifier is hard at work constantly cleaning and re-cleaning the air you breathe.

The Honeywell quiet clean provides up to 10 air changes per hour in a room up to 80 sq. ft. And 2.75 air changes per hour in a room as big as 300 hundred sq. ft. And for a room that is 170 sq. ft. up to five air changes per hour. The Honeywell purifier doesn’t just blast a single sweep of cool air throughout your room, but it works to pull the very air it cleaned earlier back in over and over to make sure to catch any impurity that might cause you discomfort or harm. A consistent renewal of fresh, clean air for you to breathe.

Reason # 2: Control Panel:

The control panel on the Honeywell air purifier is a touch button with LED to help you find the settings you want (or if you want to turn it off) even in the middle of the night when it’s dark and you can barely open your eyes. The Honeywell quiet clean comes at three different speeds:

High: for particularly large spaces or for when you want an instant wave of freshness when you’ve walked into the house.

Low: is for your nighttime use. You can put your air purifier on low for the night and go to sleep knowing that the Honeywell is keeping the air nice and clean.

Medium: is for your everyday breathing needs. Whether you place the Honeywell air purifier in your lounge or your kitchen you will feel a noticeable change in the quality of air that you are breathing.

Reason # 3 Functional Design:

From within the Honeywell air purifier is built to give the best performance and on the outside, it has been given a functional design for maximum convenience.

The Honeywell has a long, sleek tower design. And this isn’t just useful for catching all of the different pollutants from the air. It also makes the placing of a Honeywell very convenient. Unlike other air purifiers, you don’t have to worry about hiding the Honeywell behind a large sofa or a tall vase.

This air purifier has a convenient shape that allows you to place it between chairs or at corners without being a hindrance to the motion. And it has an attractive design besides so that it blends into your décor rather than stick out like a distraction as you see with some of the other larger options.

Reason # 4 Oscillating Motion:

As indicated on the control panel this air purifier has an on/off switch, three different speeds as well as an on/off oscillation control. The Honeywell air purifier has an oscillating motion which you can control with a button! You don’t even have to worry about moving the air purifier about to get clean air where you need it. Whether it needs to collect impure air or distribute purified air: this unique oscillating feature means that the Honeywell can cover the entire room easily.

Or you can switch it off and have the Postair purifier concentrate on a specific spot. This is a feature unique to the Honeywell quiet clean air purifier that is not available in other air purifiers on the market.

Reason # 5 Three Layers Of Purification:

The Honeywell quiet clean air purifier offers three layers of purification. Yet another feature that is special to Honeywell not to mention the unique honeycomb design of their patented filter. This is how the three different filters work:

  • First, a powerful fan pulls air in through a washable pre-filter which has been designed to capture irritants such as hair, pet fur, lint, and dust.
  • Secondly, the air is passed through the powerful IFD filters. Now, these patented filters have a honeycomb design which is meant to capture the minutest particles such as pollen, pet dander or smoke. And there are two in each Honeywell quiet clean!
  • Thirdly, an ionizer charges the filtered air with negative ions to help boost the cleanliness in the air.

Reason # 6 Innovative Filter Technology:

The Honeywell quiet clean besides giving you powerful purification technology and washable pre-filters also comes with permanent filters. No more hassle to rush to the store to get the right replacement filters or bargaining for the price that seems to get higher each time you buy them. The filters on your Honeywell quiet clean are permanent because they are washable! Just pull them out and give them a good rinse in the sink.

Afterward, dry them and put them back in your air purifier to have it working just as good as before! Honeywell gives you quality, convenience and saves all the money you would have spent replacing the filter on any other air purifier.

Reason # 7 Convenient Indicator:

As we’ve mentioned before, the Honeywell quiet clean comes with an innovative permanent filter system. Unlike other products, you don’t have to keep opening up your air purifier every couple of weeks to see if your filters are due a cleaning. Or worse to walk into a room with barely breathable air despite your air purifier being on! Only to realize that your filters need immediate cleaning.

No, this air purifier has a convenient indicator that tells you when the filters need to be cleaned.

Reason # 8 Quiet And Powerful:

As indicated by the name the Honeywell quiet clean delivers fresh, clean air with a soundless fan. You can turn up your air purifier to high and enjoy a movie without being disturbed by the slightest sound. The Honeywell will continue to provide purified air at a party to you and your guests without interrupting the conversation with an annoying whirring that can cause headaches for some.

Reason # 9 AHAM Certified:

AHAM or the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (Washington, DC) has tested the Honeywell and presented findings that show it produces air that is 99% percent cleaner. You can buy the Honeywell assured that it is AHAM certified.

Reason # 10 Five Year Warranty:

On top of all the convenient and not to mention money saving features the Honeywell quiet clean air purifier comes with an amazing five-year warranty! That is the complete shelf life of some air purifiers but for Honeywell, that is just quality assurance.

Reasons Why You Might Not Get A Honeywell Quiet Clean:

We have talked about some of the unique and even rare features on the Honeywell quiet clean and all the reasons why you should get one. If you look through your checklist of things you look for in an air purifier:

  • Convenience
  • Size
  • Performance
  • Price
  • Level of noise

You might find that the Honeywell comfortably checks all of your boxes. It might even seem that the Honeywell doesn’t have any flaws! But not every product suits everyone and we recognize this. Which is why you might not get a Honeywell quiet clean if:

Reason # 1 You Want Greater Coverage:

The Honeywellprovides an easy 170 sq. ft. coverage which is enough for most people. But if you’re looking for larger coverage there are other options in the market that afford greater ranger.

Reason # 2 You Find The Design Inconvenient:

As we explained earlier, the Honeywell comes in a tall, sleek tower design that can be easily placed around a room. But if you’re looking for a minimalist design where the presence of your air purifier is not noticeable when you can find other products that come in more compact designs.

Final Verdict:

The reason Honeywell is a favorite in the industry is that they give you innovative technology at an affordable price. Just think of all the money you will save on the filters you will not have to replace thanks to the permanent filters on the Honeywell quiet clean. It is efficient, portable and powerful. As assured by AHAM the Honeywell quiet clean air purifier gives you air that is 99% cleaner with barely a sound.

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