Lasko 9 gallon recirculating humidifier review

Lasko 9 Gallon Recirculating Humidifier Review

The Lasko 9 gallon Recirculating Humidifier is an excellent appliance to have in the home, especially with cold weather. Although it has a few cons that the manufacturer could work on, we do recommend this humidifier for home use.

Climate change comes with changes in the level of atmospheric humidity that lead to serious effects on the environment and your body such as; itchy skin, asthma, coughs, irritated throats, chapped lips, sore throats, dry nasal passages and other health issues. These can hinder one from performing the day to day activities optimally.

It is, therefore, necessary for you to ensure that the air in your house is well saturated. A humidifier is what you will need to easily do this. On top of ensuring that you and your family are free from the health issues that come with dry and cold air, a humidifier will as well protect your house structures and furniture.

A good humidifier, such as the Lasko 9 gallon recirculating humidifier, will ensure that your house maintains the right levels of humidity throughout the season. The appliance is designed with convenient humidistat and high volume output making it suitable for large homes.

It will keep the whole house well saturated and comfortable even during the driest days. The Lasko humidifier is a little bigger than other models. The big size helps it accommodate a big water reservoir that holds up to 4.5 gallons of water. A big water tank will also mean less refills.

It is the ideal humidifier for many rooms but has some drawbacks that make it unsatisfactory. For starters, it uses a fan for its operations which is quite noisy especially when it is at high speed. Also, with Lasko humidifier, you cannot get warm mist and it does not come with the anti-microbial feature that prevents the growth of bacteria.

How Does It Work?

Just like any other humidifier, the Lasko humidifier will assist in adding moisture to the dry air, making it more healthy and comfortable. It does so by circulating water continuously. It uses the water in the tank and that present in the air. The filter will remove water from the two sources and push it to the space using the fan after evaporation.

It is equipped with a great filter that gives a good area for evaporation. The filter will also remove any mineral, germs, and impurities present in the water before evaporation. After evaporation, the fan will push the moisture back into the air. The fan adds to the cooling.


It is a high-performance recirculating humidifier and stands out of the rest due to its unique features which include;

Storage capacity

The key attraction of this recirculating humidifier is its large capacity. It has a big storage capacity of 4.5 gallons with an average daily output capacity of 9 gallons. It will emit cool and clear mist, unlike many other humidifiers that emit a white mist. The output capacity makes it best fit for many rooms and large spaces.

Safety features

It has safety features that allow it to run operate under control throughout making it less likely to over saturate the space. It also has a humidistat that is adjustable and speed control that has three modes. The Lasko humidifier has castors attached to it making it possible to move around the house easily. The water tank is also designed in a way that makes it easy for you to remove and refill.

Off-season Storage unit

You will not need the humidifier throughout the year. At some point, it will no longer be of any need due to climate change. Many humidifiers will be damaged if not used for long. This is not the case with the Lasko humidifier; it can be stored in a good place or a case for use during the next dry or cold season.

All you have to do is to remove the used filter pad and ensure that no moisture is left inside the humidifier during the cleaning. Having done this, you are assured of good operation next season.

The Key Benefits and Drawbacks of the Lasko 9 gallon Recirculating Humidifier

Lasko 9 gallon recirculating humidifier review

When buying any appliance for your house you want the best. By considering a few factors that come with each different appliance, you can get to purchase the best humidifier at the right price. Therefore, when looking for a humidifier, several factors one need to put into consideration include; moisture output, noise, easy to use, lifespan and general performance.

We have gone through many customer reviews on the Lasko 9 gallon humidifier and considering the mentioned factors, it may be a little disappointing. However, it also comes with a lot of benefits. Read on to know more about this product.


  1. Easy to clean and refill
  2. Does not emit a white mist
  3. Low chances of over-saturating space
  4. Large water storage capacity and output capacity


  1. It is noisy
  2. The filter needs to be replaced regularly
  3. Needs regular cleaning to function well


Benefit #1 Easy to clean and refill

For any humidifier to operate well it needs to be cleaned well often. Unlike many other filters that become moldy with time due to mineral deposits, the Lasko humidifier has a continuous flow of water that will reduce contaminants. This will make it easier for you to clean.

The water tank is also removable and has handles on the side that makes it safer and easier to remove for both cleaning and refilling.

Benefit #2 Does not emit a white mist

Many humidifiers with a large output capacity like that of the Lasko 9 gallon humidifier will emit moisture which has white dust. This does not look good.  This recirculating humidifier comes with high-quality filters that trap unwanted minerals which help in preventing the formation of the white dust.

Benefit #3 Low chances of over-saturating space

Dry and cold air is not comfortable at all but again a room that has too much moisture will also feel very uncomfortable. A humidifier ensures that the humidity in the air is enough, not less, not more.

Due to the high output capacity the humidifier is has an adjustable humidistat. It also comes with an arrangement that will notify you the level of humidity in the atmosphere.  With other humidifiers, you will certainly buy a hygrometer which is an extra cost.

Benefit #4 Large water capacity and output capacity

Buying a humidifier that will require you to refill it after every two or four hours can be disappointing. With this humidifier you can go for more than 24 hours without having to refill it depending on the mode it is operating on. Its storage capacity is among the best.

Also, it is cheaper to buy one humidifier for the whole house than buying a humidifier for every room. The Lasko humidifier is designed to emit a good volume of moisture making it ideal for many rooms. Its output capacity is 9 gallons a day.

Drawback #1 It is noisy

No one would want to add an appliance in the house that will distract conversations while operating. At slow speed and medium the noise produced by also humidifier is tolerable but at a high speed, it might turn to be too much.  You can always avoid these noises by putting the humidifier in a room that is not used often.

Drawback #2 Filters need to be replaced regularly

The filters fitted in Lasko Recirculating Humidifier trap minerals, impurities, and germs in the water before evaporation.  By so doing, it means they will wear out faster and hence will require replacement regularly. This is an extra cost considering there are humidifiers that do not need filter replacement. Also being of high quality, they are a bit expensive.

Drawback #3 Water and filter discoloration

If not well maintained, the water in the tank and the filter can be discolored. This will be not a presentable look. The humidifier, therefore, requires regular cleaning and replacement of the filters. It might go to an extent of making your room has a foul odor. This might be time-consuming and tiring.

Bottom Line

Considering the heating problems and global warming around the world, a humidifier is a must-have appliance for every home. It will assist in providing moisture in the dry and cold air during the summer and winter seasons curbing many health issues and maintain your home furniture.

It is good that you take your time and chose the best humidifier to avoid disappointments. From the review above if you are looking for a humidifier for an apartment or any large space then Lasko 9 gallon recirculating humidifier is a perfect choice.  This is because the benefits are more than the drawbacks. Also, most of the drawbacks have control measures.

However, it is quite noisy compared to other humidifiers available in the market, which cannot be controlled. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable having a noisy humidifier in your home you could go for Vicks V790N humidifier which is quieter and has a germ-killing feature.  But with Vicks V790N humidifier it comes with low storage capacity requiring you to refill it more regularly.

To conclude, the Lasko recirculating humidifier misses some features that are found in other humidifiers, never the less the amount of cool mist it emits cannot be compared to any other. Therefore if you have a big space and you are comfortable with the high maintenance levels it is a good humidifier to buy.

Do not allow dry and cold air affect your health and that of your family members. Get a good humidifier and ensure that your room is well saturated throughout the seasons and prevent your furniture from cracking during the dry season.

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