Nanum car humidifier review

Nanum Car Humidifier Review

There are certain times in a year when you feel the dryness in the air. Whenever you go out you feel some uneasiness because of it. How exactly do you feel it? Well, you can see your skin getting dry, having trouble breathing, dry nasal track, cracked lips etc. Normally when we are facing such a situation we try to use some oral products to cure the apparent effects of dryness such as lotions and chap-sticks etc. But the real question lies in the fact that how to prevent the shortness in breath and the dry nasal cavity whenever we go out? For that purpose, Nanum Car Humidifier review comes to our rescue. Expressly crafted according to the needs of the customers, Nanum Car humidifier pays off its true value.

Nanum Car Humidifier Review

Nanum car humidifier works on many levels. Its basic function is to emit water vapors in its surroundings to humidify the air around it. It comes with a 50ml tank. Within two hours of its use, this product helps you to overcome the hazards of dry weather such as cold, flu, cracked skin and leaves you with a fresh feeling.

Let us discuss the added advantages of Nanum car humidifier one by one.

Benefit #1: Essential Oil Diffuser

One of the key features of the Nanum Car Humidifier is that it has the feature of Essential Oil Diffuser. You can add water and the essential oil of your choice to the tank of Nanum Car Humidifier to get the best results. Essential oils are necessary for dry weather as they help to prevent breathing issues. They can reduce inflammation and choked air canals. If you have some morning or evening allergies you can add certain breath relieving oils such as peppermint, rosemary, eucalyptus to your car humidifier.

Instead of being grumpy all day you will feel light and stress-free. You can have the same effects in the evening too, instead of being all tensed and tired from the day, a little time with essential oil diffuser in your car will not only freshen you up but will also help in providing relief to your sore joints and overworked muscles.

 Benefit #2: Aroma Therapy

Another major feature or advantage of Nanum car Humidifier with essential oils is the Aromatherapy. We all know that the right fragrance can lift up our mood and spirit. It can help you relieve stress and energize you. It boosts up your mind so you can work in your office with a fresh start. This is great to use when you are sad or depressed. You can also use the diffuser to set an encouraging atmosphere for your business meetings and social gatherings.

Benefit #3: Air Purifier

Nanum Car Humidifier also works as an air purifier. Cleaning the unnecessary particles present around you in your car and making the air fresh for you to breath, Nanum Car Humidifier makes sure that that you have the best start of the day and also you get the relieved day end. When you go to your work you meet a lot of people having different infections you might encounter if proper care is not taken, with the help of Nanum Car Diffuser you can prevent getting infected by adding oils such as tea tree, sage, rosemary, grapefruit, lemon, thyme in your humidifier. They will keep your airways moist and healthy making your airways less susceptible to any germs.

Benefit # 4: Water-less Auto Shut Off Technology

Another advantage of the Nanum Car Humidifier is the Waterless auto shut-off technology. After working for 2 hours it automatically shuts off. This is beneficial because if you leave it on in the car accidentally, it will shut off on its own to prevent potential harms i.e getting hot, or causing damage to the car battery etc.

Benefit # 5: Unique And Simple Style

Another main feature of Nanum Car Humidifier is its unique yet simple style. The water tank is detachable. You can fill it up and add a few drops of essential oil of your choice. Then attach it back to the rest of the gadget. The mist comes from the top of the humidifier and spreads easily in your car.  Sometimes the mist condenses on the humidifier but the quality of the plastic is good so it doesn’t get damaged

Benefit # 6: Comprehendible Technology

Nanum Car Humidifier comes with easy to comprehend technology. With a simple push of the button, you can turn it on. The mist comes from the top and spreads at the volume of 20-30ml / hour, which is a very appropriate amount. Not too much and not too less.

The LED indicator indicates the humidifying, aroma humidifying and standby modes. Blue light indicates humidifying, the red and blue light indicates aroma humidifying modes and a red light indicates the standby mode. This makes it user- friendly and you don’t have to fiddle with a lot of settings to understand the design.

Benefit # 7: Non Complicated Design

Nanum Car Humidifier comes with a less complicated design. With its one-button control unit, it is sleek looking. It has an adjustable and twistable head. It can move to 360 degrees. You can set it according to your own needs. In addition to that, it also has two USB ports total 2.1 A so you can charge your phone while traveling.

Benefit # 8: Easy To Maintain

The Nanum Car Humidifier is easy to maintain as well. Its detachable bottle is easy to wash and disinfected. The same could be done with the rest of the humidifier.

Benefit # 9: Soft, bright And Glowing Skin:

Dry weather can cause our skins to get damaged and flaky. In addition to that, it can crack our lips too. But with Nanum Car Humidifier this is not your problem anymore. Your skin gets the essential moisture it needs for the glow. Your skin doesn’t age quickly and you look young and fresh.

Benefit # 10: Helps To Keep Your Voice Stable.

By being in the dirt and pollution all day, you feel that at the end of the day your vocal cords don’t support you as much as they should do. You have a hoarse, deep voice. To avoid this Nanum Car Humidifier helps to keep your vocal cords in good shape. It allows them a simple therapy of day and night to make them fresh and relaxed.

In addition to all the advantages, the Nanum Car Humidifier has some disadvantages as well.

Disadvantage # 1: Allergies From Essential Oils

First of all, you might get allergies from the essential oils. When you are using Nanum Car Humidifier you inhale almost 70% of the molecules present in the car. Before start using oils, you should check them or consult with your doctor to make sure that the oil is not bad for you. If you start using any random oil it might give you allergies or worst come worst it can give you headaches or nausea.

Disadvantage # 2: White Residue In The Tank

Some users complained that they get white residue in the tanks of their humidifiers. This is common and happens with time. When you use tap water or mineral water in the tanks of your humidifier it becomes dangerous. The condensed water evaporates leaving behind chemicals and impurities which in time accumulates in your tank. This dust can cause breathing problems if it is not cleaned properly. You can use distilled water to prevent such case scenario. So if you are using Nanum Car Humidifier you must keep distilled water in stock.

Disadvantage no 3: Fungal Infections

Some users complained of having fungal infections after extreme usage of Nanum Car Humidifiers. The constant moisture on the humidifier causes the growth of pathogens. So, when you breathe comfortably through your humidifier you may be inhaling fungal infections as well. This issue can be avoided by regularly cleaning your humidifier.

Disadvantage # 4: Too Much Moisture.

It has been reported by some users that using Nanum Car Humidifier for a very long time in the cramped space of a car, increases the moisture in the air, resulting in health problems. Too much moisture is not good for your health. You may have difficulty in breathing. It might aggravate asthma in some users.

To avoid such situation it is advisable to leave your window a little bit open for letting in the fresh air flow. Also, the added feature of auto shut down in Nanum Car Humidifier works for this purpose as well. It automatically shuts down after 2 hours to provide convenience to the user.

Disadvantage # 5: Requires Continuous Maintenance

Along with a lot of benefits, Nanum Car Humidifier has the disadvantage that it needs constant maintenance. It requires a lot of extra work. Every now and then you have to take out time from your schedule to clean your humidifier. You have to change the filters, disinfect the outside and inside the tank of the humidifier. It needs little time but you have to adjust it to your schedule as an extra activity.

Wrap Up

In short Nanum Car humidifier is the choice of people wishes to have a durable, trendy and quality product. Users are satisfied with the excellent added features this product gives. Not only is it a humidifier, it’s an essential oils diffuser, aromatherapeutic and also has auto shut off technology. Its efficient design allows the users to enjoy it fully without any worries. So we can say that Nanum Car Humidifier is a quality option for people.

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