Objecto H3 Hybrid Humidifier Review

Objecto H3 Hybrid Humidifier Review

Featuring a modern design, the Objecto H3 Hybrid Humidifier performs excellently in small and medium-sized rooms. Although cleaning it can be quite a chore and you cannot add any oils, it is well-suited for small rooms. This humidifier has a drop shape that makes it look stunning thus suitable for most home décor. You can, therefore, use it to bring a sense of art in your house.

The humidifier cannot humidify an entire apartment, but it can be used for a room with dimension as big as 350 square ft. With this humidifier, you cannot soothe colds and coughs by adding oils in the water tank for the oil will destroy the humidifier. Nevertheless, it is quiet, and the water tank has a large capacity that allows it run for up to 18 hours.

We all understand the health issues that come with dry air and cold air. They include chapped lips, sore throats, dry nasal passages, itchy skin, asthma, coughs, irritated throats, and sinuses. To avoid all these issues and many more all you need is a humidifier in the house to saturate the air.A humidifier will not only curb the health issues mentioned but will also protect your house furniture and structures from cracking due to dry air. Objecto hybrid humidifier will help your room remain chilly throughout. It is among the best humidifiers in the market but has some few drawbacks that make it dissatisfying.

How It Works

The humidifier will change the water into vapor. The evaporation process is made possible by the heater in the humidifier that heats the water in the reservoir to the point of evaporation. The cool moisture is emitted to the room and diffuses evenly to saturate the whole place.

The cold vapor is emitted through the mist outlet which is at the top of the appliance. You can control the mist that comes out with the three modes available on the humidifier. If you want to saturate your room gradually, you will choose the slow or middle style and if you want to humidify the room quickly select high mode. The three ways have different levels of vapor emission.

This model also comes with a timer for you to set the duration you want it to run. You can choose 2 hours, 4 hours or let it run continuously for 18 hours. When the water tank is empty, it will automatically shut down.
It has an overflow sensor that will detect when the level of the water is more than required, and the heat will immediately stop. This will prevent the excess water from overflowing to the electric part of the appliance leading to damage. The excess water will be collected in the overflow pool, and you will be required to collect it before restarting the humidifier.

When using the humidifier ensure it is placed on a flat surface and low as possible. Putting it on soft fibers or thick piles will block the vent hole preventing it from performing optimally. This could lead to damage or leaking. For your safety, do not clean the humidifier while it is plugged into the outlet.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of the Objecto H3 Hybrid Humidifier

Before buying a humidifier for your house or your room there are a few factors that one needs to put into consideration like moisture output, area, noise, easy to use, the lifespan and general performance. We have spent days looking at the customer reviews of the Objecto H3 humidifier and other humidifiers, but regrettably, it performs poorly.
Everyone would want to spend their money on a humidifier that gives them the service for an extended period performing well with low maintenance. Not all the humidifiers will meet all these criteria. Read on to see the detailed product review.


1. Runs for a long time.
2. Blends with any décor.
3. No need to change the filters.
4. Aromatherapy.
5. It is quiet.


1. Hard to clean.
2. Cannot add oil.
3. Limited to use in 350 square Ft. room.

Benefit #1 Runs for a long time

From the manufacturer’s guide, the water in the reservoir is supposed to run for 18 hours. Therefore, you can have the humidifier run the whole night without having to wake up to refill it. Refilling of the humidifier tends to be a tiresome task, especially at night.
After going through the many reviews, we were able to learn that the humidifiers can run for averagely 12 hours. The fact that it can run for 18 hours makes it stand out from its counterparts. It is advisable always to keep it filled to avoid the loud alarm. Filling is also very easy.

Benefit #2 Well-designed

Who doesn’t love art? This humidifier is designed with a shape of a drop that makes it bring the sense of art in your home. It is hard for visitors to tell it is a humidifier, they will all think it is a curving for decoration in the house.
The water tank has a unique antibacterial surface that will stop the mold growing. Mold growth reduces the effectiveness of the humidifiers. So with objecto H3 humidifier, you are assured of extended services period. It is a beautiful humidifier to have in your room.

Benefit #3 No need to change the filters

The one thing that many people worry about when buying a humidifier is the extra cost that they have to cover when changing the filters. With the H3 hybrid humidifier, you do not have to worry; it does not require a filter to operate.
Other humidifiers require you to change the filter more than once in every season for them to function well. The Objecto humidifier will operate optimally with no filter.

Benefit #4 Comes with aromatherapy

If you are looking for a dual functioning humidifier, this is the best. It comes with a therapy that allows it work as an aroma diffuser too. This function is of significant advantage to one’s health. You will achieve this by sliding out the piece (that is separate from the humidifier) and filling it will the right oil and sliding it back. The scent is emitted and distributed evenly just like the oil burner does.

Benefit #5 Quiet

No one wants to bring an appliance that is noisy to their house. You want to feel relaxed and at peace in your own house; not like you visited a factory. This humidifier is equipped with hybrid technology that allows it emit mist quietly. No one can notice that there is an appliance operating in the room.
This is a great benefit for most people use the humidifiers at night. You will get your room saturated with no noise to interrupt your sleep.

Drawbacks #1 Hard to clean

Many people often clean their humidifiers when changing the filters. Now that this humidifier does not have filters to change does not mean it will not require cleaning, it is advisable to clean it regularly, but then it is not as easy as you may want.
Sludge will build up inside and this will require cleaning, but you will find that opening the humidifier for cleaning will be a time-consuming task.

Drawback #2 Limited to a room of 350 square feet

Often, people want a humidifier that can serve the whole apartment. You can only use this humidifier to saturate a room of up to 350 square ft. If you have a big house, you will have to buy extra humidifiers for each additional room.
Saving money while buying house appliances is the key objective for many people. Thus, getting this humidifier can be more expensive compared to buying one humidifier that can be used for the whole house.

Drawback #3 You cannot add oil to the water

If you like to add oil to the water tank to soothe the colds and coughs, the Objecto humidifier will not fulfill your desires. Adding oil to the water reservoir of Objecto h3 humidifier will damage the equipment. The only option that comes with the humidifier is adding scents to a piece that is separate from the humidifier for aroma.
This is quite a drawback for many people use humidifiers both for room saturation and burning oils to soothe coughs and colds.

Bottom Line

It is evident that the benefits of the Objecto H3 Hybrid Humidifier are more than the drawbacks. It is, therefore, a recommendable humidifier for small rooms. This appliance will help you if you are having itchy skin, sore throats, sinus problems and other issues that come with both dry and cold air.

You will comfortably do this as you enjoy the sweet aroma that will help you sleep better, relax, enhance your immune system and also improve your mood. All you are required to do is add the needed natural oil to the aroma tray.

However, if you are looking for a humidifier with great design that will operate with no noise and serve the whole apartment, this is not the only choice. You could think of going for Aprilaire Model 500 M which is a better model.
Aprilaire is ideal for houses up to 3,000 square ft. It is easy to install and will provide the home with right humidity to enhance your comfort.

The Objecto H3 Hybrid Humidifier is good enough if you only need an appliance for one room. If you do not mind the chore of cleaning and do not intend to use it with oils, you will love this small, ergonomically-designed humidifier.

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