A review of the Panasonic Nanoe and Sharp PlasmaCluster

A review of the Panasonic Nanoe and Sharp PlasmaCluster Air Purifiers

Wondering what air purifier is better between the Panasonic Nanoe and Sharp PlasmaCluster? Our review gives you more insight on what to expect when purchasing a model from the two companies.

Are you allergic to dust smoke and other small particles that are usually present in the air? Then all you need in your house purifier. It will clean the air inside your house. The air in your house gets polluted from a lot of matter like dust, pet dander, mold, smoke from outside, even from cooking stoves and other gaseous pollutants such as vehicle pollutants.

These kind of pollution can greatly affect people suffering from asthma and other allergies.  Such people are highly sensitive to the quality of the air they are breathing. Using an air purifier is one of the most effective way to keep out allergens and other pollutions.

There are very many types of air purifiers on the market but not all of them are safe and effective to use in your home. It is, therefore, very important that you know what you are buying. After a good research and viewing many customer reviews, Panasonic Nanoe and Sharp Plasmacluster air purifiers are among the best models in the market.

Considering factors such as high-efficiency particulate air filters, electrostatic precipitators, activated carbon and ultraviolet germicidal irradiation cleaners, the two models will not disappoint you. They have some few differences. Read on to see the detailed review to know the best model for you.

Comparison Table between the Panasonic Nanoe and Sharp PlasmaCluster





DIMENSION 608×390×295 (mm) 385×380×128 (mm)
WEIGHT 10.5kg 3.4kg
SENSOR Dirt/odor/humidity Dust/humidity
NOISE LEVELS 55db 51db
ROOM SIZE 66 19m


Features of Panasonic Nanoe Air Purifiers

Panasonic is a known brand in the manufacturing industry. The air purifiers from this brand are available in many models. The models include; HEPA air purifier, FPF60UW air purifier, and F-P10HU2 air purifiers. The different Panasonic air purifiers vary in prices and the filters fitted in them. They are all fitted with the new technology that enables them to have latest sensors and controls. There are benefits that come with using the air purifiers from Panasonic include;

Benefit #1 Small and light in size

You will not want to add an appliance that will occupy a big space in your house. a small purifier is the best for your house. This will not occupy much space in your house. Its light weight makes it easy for you to move it easily from one room to the other.

Benefit #2 Fitted with the new technology

As you know many diseases are as a result of viruses and bacteria. The nanoe technology will help protect your loved ones for it inhibits bacteria 99.9% and viruses 99.9%. In case there is one member of your family that smokes cigarettes the Panasonic purifiers will at the same time reduce the bad smell of tobacco very fast with the help of nanoe technology. The technology will also keep your skin well hydrated.

Benefit#3 HEPA filter

Fitted with high-efficiency particulate air filters, the Panasonic air purifiers are good in detecting pollen and dust. They will also detect human movements and in case they come in with dust they collect the dust.  The Panasonic air purifiers will at the same time keep your house well saturated. The air flow is well divided to keep the air in the whole area matter free; side flow and front flow.

Benefit#4 ECONAVI

This is a technology that has the ability to keep a record of your day to day activities and memorizes the pollution levels at each different time. The ECONAVI technology will automatically operate the purifier to ensure that the pollution levels are low before they spread in the whole house. This will reduce your work of switching the appliance on and off at the different time.  It will also help you reduce power usage by automatically going off when the air purity is low.

Benefit#5 Extra washable filters

Air purifiers come with filters that need to be replaced now and then. The Panasonic comes with an added advantage of extra filters. The filters are also washable. Therefore, after buying the appliance you do not have worry about the extra cost of buying filters. Washing the filters will also protect against sandstorms that in most cases affect the functioning of the appliance.

Drawback# 1 Only suitable for small rooms

The Panasonic air purifiers cannot be used in a large area like an apartment.  They are designed to be used only in a single room. If you want to purify the whole house you will need to look for more than one air purifier.

Features of Sharp Plasmaclusters Air Purifiers

Sharp Corporation is a company that originated from Japan. It has in the many years been providing their customers with electronic products of good quality. They manufacture kitchen appliances, televisions and air purifiers.

Their air purifiers ensure that your family is breathing cleaner and fresher air through ergonomic designs. They are suitable for home and office use. Their models include KC-850U, KC-860U, FPA80UW, and FPA60UW just to mention a few.

Each model has different features but there are common features like the plasmacluster technology, aerodynamic structure, and many others. The sharp plasma cluster has a range of air purifier models that fit both your budget and space. There are some benefits that come with using the sharp air purifiers which includes:

Benefit#1 Lower power consumption

No one wants to buy appliances that will double their electricity bill. Many air purifiers available in the market are high power consumption. This will only bring an extra cost regardless of them purifying the air in the house. The sharp plasmacluster air purifiers do not consume a lot of power for they are fitted with technology that enables it to automatically shut down when the air is pure.

Benefit#2 AUTO operation

These models have a sensor that senses when there is dust and smoke in the air and immediately collects them. When the air is pure, the appliance will automatically shut down.  This will reduce your workforce of switching the unit on and off when the air purity levels change. In addition, it will detect the levels of humidity and switches on and off to ensure that the air is not so dry and so humid.

Benefit#3 Fast airflow and circulation from the unique aerodynamic structure

The sharp purifiers are equipped with a long nozzle that prevents the airflow disturbance. This help increases the speed of the air flowing outside; thus enabling faster circulation in the area. The purifiers collect the pollen and airborne dust around the appliance effectively and smoothly due to this design that allows powerful suction. The design also doubles the dust removal speed of the other purifiers.

Benefit#4 Plasmacluster Ion Shower

We are surrounded by air full of ions. Ions are atoms and molecules that have lost an electron. Nature on its own produces positive and negative ions continuously so as to reverse air pollution. The plasmacluster technology fitted in the sharp purifiers enables them to produce similar ions. This will make emission of air pollutants easy and faster.

The technology will help suppress the activities of airborne viruses by breaking down the proteins around them. It has been tested and proven that purifiers have the ability to eliminate airborne viruses 99.0% in only ten minutes.

The technology will at the same time prevent the growth of molds that are known to grow anywhere from the food, wardrobe and even your favorite shoes. It will also remove dust, dead dust mite, and any other airborne pollen. Not forgetting this technology gives the purifiers ability to moisturize your skin.

Benefit#5 Humidifying function

The sharp purifiers are fitted with sensor and humidity sensor that has the ability to detect the room temperature. The appliance will, in turn, adjust the moisture in the air to ensure that the humidity level in the room is at the right levels. With the Sharp air purifiers, you do not need to buy a humidifier. It will perform both tasks.

Benefit#6 Quiet operation

These air purifiers will provide quiet operation at only 24db. This level of quietness can be easily compared to that of a library. This will ensure as you sleep the air is clean, fresh and saturated with no noise distractions. Many purifiers fixed with technology to help with air humidifying are known to be very loud even disrupting your sleep.

Drawback #1 For use in small rooms

The only negative thing that many people never loved about the Sharp air purifiers is that it cannot be used on a large area. They are designed to be used in one room only.  There are other large purifiers that can be used for the whole house or apartment.


Air purifiers have become essential for all the people, especially those who live in the urban areas where the air is much polluted. Many companies have realized this and are in a surprising way introduced their models. This has made the market over-flooded with all types of purifiers. We have done a deep research and looked at customers reviews, checked the specific appliances and we have found out that purifiers from Panasonic and Sharp top the list of the most preferred.

So which is the best between the Panasonic Nanoe and Sharp PlasmaCluster? This is a tough one because it will all depends on your needs. From the reviews, the two models are equally good and efficient. They both have good quality, good features, airflow delivery rate, good features and they are all reliable. Your choice will therefore highly depend on your budget and your needs. Other factors to consider before settling for any specific purifier include energy consumption and noise levels.

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