Paradigm humidifier review

Paradigm Humidifier Review

Cigar humidifiers are the next best thing in line, and only second after cell phones and air purifiers. If you’re a frequent cigar addict, you’d know one thing very well; that these bad boys require a specific level of humidity to preserve them. Humidifiers do a few things, including keeping the environment hostile and moist, preserving the contents inside, protecting the cigars from direct sunlight and physical damage, and make them nice and warm for the next use. Read the Paradigm Humidifier review to know what’s so special about, you ask?

Well, for starters, this pocket humidor can store up to 50 cigars in one sitting. This means more space, more cigars, and ultimately a better experience.

Secondly, the Paradigm Cigar Humidifier can achieve incredible amounts of humidity, as much as a whopping 70%, only at room temperature. The humidifier will surely keep all of your cigars moist and activated for your everyday use.

But what really intrigues us is that the Paradigm Humidifier has a 63% customer satisfaction rate, which means that more than half of all customers who used this product were happy with what they got. So if you don’t believe us, then we’d love to see you deny the hundreds of people who absolutely love this product.

Read The Paradigm Humidifier Review To Know Pros and Cons:

We thought to write in detail about the features, the merits and the demerits in this Paradigm Humidifier Review. But to be honest, who actually wants to see us dragging on a product for a few paragraphs just to arrive at no certain conclusion. Which is why we have briefly jotted down the pros and cons, so you can ease with counting all the benefits and drawbacks of this product.

Take a look for yourself and be the judge!

  • Can maintain up to 70% humidity at room temperature.
  • No low water level indicator.
  • Can hold 75% more water due to the expansive water reservoir.
  • May not reach the expected humidity level.
  • Remove bacteria, microbes, fungal spores, and many more.
  • Magnets may be weak.
  • Can hold up to 50 cigars at a time.
  • Manufacturing faults may be present.
  • Portable, can fit inside a standard pocket.
  • Perfect sealing capability.
  • Impeccable customer services.


An In-Depth Look At The Features Of The Paradigm Humidifier:

Did the pros and cons intrigue you? What else did we expect from the Paradigm Humidor? Below, we have discussed the exact features and characteristics of the Paradigm Humidifier in depth, so you can have a deeper look into this gorgeous product.

Benefit #1: Humidifying Power:

The Paradigm Humidifier can raise the humidity as high as 70% in the cigar container. However, the actual number is a bit less. When we used the Paradigm Humidifier, we added in a hygrometer to measure the exact level of humidity. The numbers were closer to 50 then the advertised 70%. However, we assume this to have to do with the room conditions, specifically the temperature.

On the contrary though, the humidifying power and range of the Paradigm are spectacular and amazing. This humidifier can be used to store up to 50 cigars, and has the capability to keep them all moist and ready for the next use.

Benefit #2: Large Water Reservoir:

The Paradigm Humidifier has a very large and expansive water reservoir which can store a gallon or two before running out. This means that all of your cigars can stay moist and cool for most of the day, and the Paradigm Humidor might only require one or two water refills throughout the day.

The large water tank can store up to 75% more than what most competitor humidors claim, and we can back it up. Of all the humidifiers we have used, this one surely had the most massive water tank of them all, and it was certainly no surprise.

Benefit #3: Can Store 50 Cigars:

When we heard the sellers claiming that the Paradigm humidifier can hold as much as a maximum of 50 cigars, we just had to try it out for ourselves. And when we did, we learned a lesson: never to doubt anything the Paradigm Industry has to tell us.

The Paradigm Humidifier is 3 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 1 inch thick, which means that it is extremely portable, but that does not stop the fact that this humidifier is massive enough to store a whopping 50 cigars, making it the most technologically advanced humidor of its era. And if you don’t believe us, then believe the 63% of all people who absolutely adored this feature and wrote positives Paradigm Humidifier reviews.

Benefit #4: Antimicrobial And Antifungal:

The Paradigm Humidifier is an antimicrobial and antifungal, which means that it will successfully save your precious cigars from all the nasty bacteria and microbes that might try to lay their hands on your possessions. After all, who loves a bad cigar?

The Paradigmuses a mix of high technology and advanced control methods to ensure that the moisture does not become a perfect abode for whatever lurks in the air outside. Bacteria and microorganisms will definitely refrain from this product. So next time a happy go lucky microbe wants to settle in somewhere new, it certainly won’t be this humidifier.

Benefit #5: Highly Portable:

We have already mentioned the dimensions of the Paradigm Humidifier, and the reason why we’re in love with them is that these dimensions make this humidor portable while also making sure that it is capacious enough to store an incredible 50 cigars.

The Paradigm Humidifier has a length of about 3 inches, a width of 2 inches, and a thickness of just an inch. These dimensions make it easy to carry around, and you can even have it in your pocket. The product just couldn’t get any better.

What’s more is that the humidifier is made of durable material, which means that this little buddy will be here for a very long time, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Benefit #6: Perfect Sealing Capability:

If you’re worried about moisture, dust, and microbes from the air entering into the humidifying unit a droning all of your cigars, then the Paradigm Humidor is the perfect product for you. The sealing capacity of this humidifier is actually ridiculously impossible, but as always, we love it.

The Paradigm features safety for both your cigars and the matter inside them. Not only does this unit protect your cigars from infection, it also protects them from the occasionally bored child or pet that might knock the unit down. The locking mechanism is amazing, and we’ve only ever seen a handful like it.

Drawback #1: No Low-Water-Level Indicator:

When we used the Paradigm Humidifying Unit, we found one major drawback. The entire unit, with its advanced technology and expert workmanship, does not have a single low water level indicator. This was definitely a disappointment, as we don’t want to check the unit every now and then to make sure it’s got enough water to work on.

However, we did find that the water tank is large and massive enough to hold enough water. So you don’t really need to check the water level every other minute, as the large water tank is quite promising.

But an indicator for when you’re running out of water would still have been pretty useful. Still, though, we would definitely vote for this product.

Drawback #2: Humidity Remains Close To 50%:

We talked about this earlier in our Paradigm Humidifier review, and we stated our theory as well. The Paradigm Humidifier, although advertised to maintain the humidity as high as 70%, in practice, only manages to raise the humidity as much as around 50%. This was definitely a disappointment, as this was not what we paid for.

However, we believe that other factors may influence the humidifying capabilities of the Paradigm Unit. One of these may be temperature. Let’s not forget that the advertised humidity only works at room temperature, which is around 25 degrees Centigrade.

Another factor that may influence is the pressure. But these are just theories. For now, we think its safe to say that the Paradigm Humidifier does its best to keep its customers happy.

Drawback #3: Manufacturing Faults:

We know, we know. Manufacturing faults are the most annoying of them all. You see all these happy customers with all their silly little products working just fine and when you buy your own, it turns out to be very different from what was advertised.

Manufacturing faults happen often, and we can’t blame a company for them because they are mistakes that are hard to notice and even harder to fix. However, with the Paradigm Humidifier, we found that the manufacturing faults were surplus. A little less than half of the customers weren’t happy with what they got, and most of the reasons were manufacturing faults.

But we absolutely love how their customer services were responsive, and the measures taken to prevent such mishaps.

Final Thoughts:

We’ll wrap this one up real quick. The Paradigm Humidifying Unit is one of the best we have seen so far. It can humidify up to 70 percent, store up to 50 cigars at a time, has a water tank which is 75 percent bigger than rival companies, is easily portable, has some of the most pocketable dimensions, can work for the entire day, and it even has a great warranty claim policy.

And while we hate the fact that there is no low water level indicator, we love the fact that nearly 60% of all customers loved the product.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your wallets and cash this thing!

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