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Breath Smart Cool Mist Roolen Humidifier Review

You must have experienced that sometimes you feel uncomfortable even in a comfortable armchair, and the most serene of environments. This is because there is a certain season where the air around you becomes extremely uncomfortable and dry. This irritates your nasal passage, causes breathing difficulties and makes your lips dry and chapped. All of this affects your mood because you just cannot relax at home or work efficiently at your workplace. Read Roolen Humidifier Review to know how using a humidifier can increase the moisture content of your surroundings and answer your problems.

Hundreds of humidifiers are available to help get rid of this problem in the market and we understand how it can be confusing to pick one that is the best suited for your needs. Hence, we bring to you a review of a humidifier that works best for us due to various reasons outlined below.

Cool Mist Vs. Hot Mist

We have suggested a cool mist humidifier rather than a hot mist one to prevent the danger that accompanies the hot mist humidifiers. The hot mist humidifiers tend to have a fire hazard, and/or they may cause burns due to accidental leakage. Cool mist humidifiers are safer to use and are more comfortable to use in most climates.

Highlights of Roolen Humidifier Review

The Roolen Breathe Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier stands out due to multiple factors. It is smartly designed to spray cool mist, with technology that automatically sets the humidity level along with 3 modes of spray levels (High, Low, and Auto) and a design that is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

It works very well for a room area of 400 square feet and weighs only 3.8 pounds. Moreover, it uses ultrasonic technology, which means that it does not make any sound while running; this makes it perfect for your bedroom, study, office etc.

It has a lot more features that are explained below so that you can understand the product in depth. We have also taken into account all customer reviews and have also listed the drawbacks.

Read on and judge for yourself!

Benefit #1: Range

The humidifier easily increases the humidity of a 400 square feet room from 40 percent to 55 percent on the ‘low’ setting in a matter of minutes. It can reach humidity levels of up to 60 – 65% on the ‘high’ setting. It can work in larger rooms as well but will take slightly longer to increase the moisture level. The Roolen Breathe humidifier is very versatile as it can be used in rooms of various sizes.

Benefit # 2: Smart Auto Mode

The highlight of this humidifier is its Auto mode. This mode calculates the optimum humidity level of the room and then sets the spray level to a setting that is ideal for the room. It also automatically turns the humidifier on or off according to the requirement of the surroundings.

This saves energy, reduces the hassle of manually determining the ideal setting, and most importantly cuts down on electricity bills.

Benefit #3: Capacity

The Roolen Breathe Humidifier can contain up to 3 liters of water. This amount of water works for up to 24 hours on the low mode setting. The product is high in capacity and small in size. This makes it easy to handle and you only need to fill it once a day as compared to other humidifiers in the market that require refilling every few hours.

Benefit # 4: Functional Design

The humidifier is a very ergonomically efficient design. The water in the tank is filled from the bottom which is very convenient even while filling it directly from the tap. This feature is unique to Roolen Breathe as most other humidifiers do not allow for this kind of flexibility while filling up the tank.

The mist comes out of the top of the humidifier and then spreads. Some water condenses at the top but the plastic body is of really good quality and does not allow water to damage the inside circuitry.

Benefit # 5: Super Quiet Operation

The Roolen Breathe Humidifier comes with ultrasonic technology as mentioned before. This ensures that it produces no noise at all while operating. Hence, it is ideal for use in baby rooms, bedrooms, offices or wherever you need a relaxing atmosphere without distractions.

Benefit # 6: Simple Control

The unit comes with a single button control and an LED indicator for water level. The single button can switch between the three different settings (High, Low or Auto). The LED indicator turns red from green when the water level is running low. This makes it very user-friendly and one does not have to spend time checking the tank or tweaking with the settings.

Benefit # 7: Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Unlike most humidifiers, the Roolen Breathe Humidifier does not have a clinical-looking design. Its sleek, modern and looks great resting on a desk or a table. This product is extremely functional and flaunts design.

It is simple and adds a certain kind of peace and calm to the room it is placed in. It is available in two colors; black and white. The monochrome design goes very well with modern interiors.

Benefit # 8: Easy Maintenance

The Roolen Breathe Humidifier requires cleaning only once a week. This cleaning is also made extremely easy as the humidifier does not have a filter so no dust, bacteria or mold settles inside the filter. Moreover, using distilled water to fill up the tank is even better as it requires less frequent cleaning.

So now that we have told you the various benefits the Roolen Breathe Humidifier has, some customers have faced a couple of drawbacks with the product.

Drawback # 1: High Mode Setting

For some users, the high mode setting caused condensation on the table or the surface around the humidifier. This caused damage to the furniture and the things kept around the humidifier.

However, this issue was only faced by a few customers who had already had a high level of humidity in the air. Majority of the people who used this had no condensation formed on the things kept around the humidifier while the humidifier was running on the high setting.

Drawback # 2: Water Level Indicator

Even though there is an LED light that turns red if the water in the tank is finished, there is no indicator that tells the exact water level in the humidifier. The LED indicator only indicates when water completely finishes and the humidifier is about to turn off.

This may be slightly inconvenient to some people but we believe that the advantages of the Roolen Breathe humidifier are far greater when compared to this slight drawback.

Drawback # 3: Slightly Heavy on the Pocket

The Roolen Breathe Cool Mist Humidifier is slightly more expensive than most humidifiers of its size in the market. But users have admitted that they did not mind spending extra dollars on this product as it had better performance and smarter technology than its counterparts. Also, for the technology and design, it comes with this humidifier is actually a very good deal as it will last for a long time and will also fulfill all your needs.

Drawback #4: Delayed Auto mode turn on Function

Only a few users reported this problem but we still decided to include it so that you can make a good judgment for yourself. When you put on auto startup only turns on when the humidity level is extremely low at say 25 – 35 percent otherwise it remains off. It stays shut at humidity levels of 40 – 45 percent even though the company claims that it will keep humidity at 60 percent. Furthermore, even after automatically turning on at a humidity level of 35 percent it only increased the humidity level to 45% before automatically shutting down. This rendered the automatic function useless for these users.

This was a hardware issue in some pieces which was fixed by later by the manufacturer. Roolen has a very good customer service that is available to solve most problems that users might be having.

The Roolen Breathe Humidifier also comes with a warranty (please read details on the website) so you can purchase it without having to worry about wasting money.

Final words

The Roolen Breathe Humidifier is a favorite of all those who have bought this product. It has a customer satisfaction rate of 79 percent. All of its users are extremely satisfied with its innovative technology that has changed their environments into sanctums for peace. They are happy with the absence of discomfort and health issues like respiratory problems, dry, itchy skin, asthma etc.

If it is not already obvious, we will state it again, the Roolen Breathe Humidifier is one of the best cool mist humidifiers available in the market. It boasts of high efficiency, ultra quiet operation, sustainable energy use, smart technology and interface, ergonomically efficient design and to top it all off, a very contemporary, aesthetically pleasing design. The humidifier not only boasts of these features but also delivers each one of them.

It is very rightly said that Roolen Breathe is seen and not heard and it is a very pleasant sight indeed!

We are sure that you must have decided by now so go and order this appliance to cater to your everyday needs and do not forget to share this information with your family and friends. We want everyone to benefit from this information!

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