Sunbeam Purified Mist Humidifier Review

Sunbeam Purified Mist Humidifier Review

We absolutely love air humidifiers. And why wouldn’t we? After all, everyone has the right to breathe in clean air. And with Sunbeam Purified Mist Humidifier review, you’ll find that dream becomes a reality. While scanning through 150 different products, and after trying different products, we are happy to say that Sunbeam Humidifier will definitely be the right choice for you.

The Sunbeam Humidifier is one of a kind. It features a 24-hour runtime, an Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Filter for filtering bacteria and microbes, an adjustable fan speed, water level indicator, and a neat little water reservoir that is easy to move, fill and replace.

But then again, why should you believe us? After all, we’re only strangers. While we have put in 50 hours of research to bring you only the best humidifier, we also feel like customer reviews play into the scene as well.

With over 75% of satisfied customers falling in love with the product, it is reliable to say that the Sunbeam Humidifier sticks out the most.

Features included in Sunbeam Purified Mist Humidifier Review:

The Sunbeam never fails to impress us. This neat little humidifying unit has tons of different features. Which is why it’s so versatile. But if you thought that things couldn’t get any better, they just did.

The unit can work for over 24 hours at a time. This allows it to humidify and cool down your room for the entire day, leaving your body and mind feeling as fresh as a daisy.

The Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Filter, while not as effective as the HEPA filter, is definitely worth the price. This filter can remove 99.99% of all bacteria, microbes, dust particles, and the like, from the air, which means that the Sunbeam doubles as an air purifier.

Apart from that, the fan speed can be adjusted, depending on your requirements. This gives the Sunbeam Cool Mist Humidifier the outstanding performance it is famous for.

Benefit #1: Longevity:

How many times has it happened to you that you just filled the water tank, took a neat little power nap and a shower, only to come back and find out that the low water level indicator is blinking? If that happens often, then we think that the Sunbeam Humidifier may just be the product for you.

This product can run for a whopping 24 hours before even beginning to blink. Which is what makes the Sunbeam one of the best in the field. Sunbeam products, and this one, in particular, are known for their long-lasting effects. While the humidifier does promise 24-hour mist production, the vitality of that promise largely depends on the unit, manufacturing, weather, climate, temperature, and speed setting.

Benefit #2: Filtration System:

While not a HEPA, the Sunbeam Humidifier certainly has the potential of a modern ultrasonic humidifier. The filtration system is made of an Arm and Hammer Baking Soda Filter, which is definitely just as effective as any fancy HEPA.

Baking soda is a natural bleaching agent and has been known to purify and cleanse most objects that come into contact with it. The Sunbeam utilizes this property of the bicarbonate and uses it to remove bacteria and airborne microbes. This allows the Sunbeam Humidifier to be ten times as effective as a regular paper filter.

Benefit #3: Adjustable Fan Speed:

Let’s face it: no one likes one setting. While the common user may be satisfied with a limited number of options, if provided a surplus, we would definitely swoon and sway.

The Sunbeam Cool Mist Humidifier features three different fan speed settings: low, moderate, and high. At high, the inbuilt fans rotate rapidly, spreading mist through the entire room in no time. However, this setting might take a bit more energy and will exhaust the water supply in about 7 hours. It will also produce a lot of noise.

The low setting will be extremely quiet and will be a bit slower at humidifying. But rest assured, it will certainly be able to cool down the entire, albeit at a slower pace.

Benefit #4: Unique and Ergonomic Design:

Most people wouldn’t care much about the look and feel of a humidifier. After all, it’s not a piece of decor. But seeing the over-exaggeratedly large size of modern humidifiers, they are destined to become the center of attention at some point. Which is why some of us are concerned about the look and design.

The Sunbeam Humidifier is a far cry from most bland and boring humidifiers. This unit has a sleek and sensational white and silver metallic body, and a glass “window” which shows the water tank and all of its contents. Moreover, the red logo will definitely not be a nuisance.

So the design and architecture are as premium as it gets.

Benefit #5: Portable:

We know how ridiculously enormous humidifiers and purifiers can get. Which is why we present the Sunbeam Humidifier, which is small and portable. Yes, the dimensions are quite big but definitely smaller and manageable.

The Sunbeam has a height of only 11 inches and an area of 14.8 by 12 inches. This ensures that while it does cover a lot of surfaces, it certainly is lightweight and easy to carry. The unit can easily fit into cupboards, cabinets, and small coffee tables.

The weight is no more than a mere 5.6 pounds, which contributes to its lightweight structure and easy movability.

Benefit #6: Large Water Reservoir:

So you might be wondering: what allows the Sunbeam Purifier and Humidifier to work nonstop for hours at a time? Maybe its the architecture. Maybe it’s the high-end technology. Or perhaps its the fact that the water reservoir is as large and expansive as it can get.

The large tank can support just a little under a gallon of water and is ten times more capacious than any HEPA humidifier can ever hope to be. This unit can easily be refilled, removed, and snapped on again. The process is entirely simple and minimalistic. And this tank is the exact reason why the Sunbeam Humidifier can work for 24 hours without any sort of interruptions.

Benefit #7: Filter Check Monitor:

If you don’t want to check the filter every two minutes or so, you’re not alone. Readers complained to us that many humidifiers and purifiers required constant maintenance, and failed to indicate a dirty filter. And guess which humidifier we refer them to?

Apart from a low water level indicator, the Sunbeam Humidifieralso features a filter monitor, which helps keep track of the cleanliness (or lack thereof) of the Baking Soda Filter.

Benefit #8: Affordable:

As years pass by, and technology grips the world, it seems no surprise that with a bit of luxury comes a lot of costs. While humidifiers technology reaches new heights, so do the prices of such products. We don’t think anyone should have to pay more than a penny for clean air. After all, with minimal clean water, we should at least deserve the right to a fresher environment.

Meet the Sunbeam Humidifier. It does exactly that. Providing one of the best customer services at the least cost, this company and all of its units are sure to make you feel like the special customer you always were. The Sunbeam Humidifier is a lot more than just cheap. And the previous paragraphs were enough to evaluate that.

Drawback #1: May Not Run For Long:

While we did say that the Sunbeam can run for 24 hours at a time, we also mentioned that this largely depends on the frequency of usage and the weather conditions.

On high mode, the humidifying unit will cover a small room for less than 7 hours. This is mainly because the high mode quickly exhausts the water supply. However, some users reported that the humidifier did not work for 24 hours even on moderate or low settings, which was certainly a drawback.

However, this was most likely a manufacturing fault, and not in the technology itself. Sunbeam Industry is constantly working to overcome these issues.

Drawback #2: Too Noisy:

Many customers who made the right choice and bought the Sunbeam Humidifier complained of high and loud noise. While when we used the humidifier we found no such fault, we considered the many reviews and marked off the noise as a big no.

The unit uses high-end technology to provide the required atmosphere and occasionally may become jammed or noisy. This is likely a manufacturing fault and can be fixed by contacting the customer service. If not, we can’t help admitting that the Sunbeam makes a great choice for white noise.

Drawback #3: Too Cold:

Users complain that the Sunbeam Cool Mist Humidifier makes the house and room even colder than it naturally was. Which is expected from a cool mist humidifier.

Warm mist humidifiers, while they may add an extra Celsius of heat in the atmosphere, are more dangerous and prone to power short circuits and overheating. Which is why cool mist humidifiers are our next best option. This means that the Sunbeam Humidifier will definitely be much cooler than its warm counterparts. But the atmosphere can get ridiculously cold, so this is a major issue.


While it does have its drawbacks and demerits, the Sunbeam Cool Mist Humidifier is no doubt one of the best humidifiers in the market, which features a baking soda filter, 24-hours of working time, and three-speed settings, along with hitting a customer satisfaction of 75%.

Truly, we have seen perfection in flesh.

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