Best office humidifiers

The Best Office Humidifier

The best office humidifier should be a blend of a compact and striking design, great functionality and outstanding performance. While outdoor air can be refreshing, indoor air is often the opposite. It can be too musky, or too dry. It could be too cold or too hot. Especially during winter, while people are trying to keep warm and fight the dry air caused by low humidity. This results in many problems that range from cracked lips to irritated sinuses. The biting cold and dry air will not spare you if you have to work during this bad weather. You will, therefore, need a humidifier to keep your office environment friendly and healthy.

Some machines help people who need a desktop humidifier for the workplace, while others require full-home humidifying solutions for overall family health. Below are six of our favorite models.

Comparison Table

9Oine Cool Mist Humidifier Free and Healthy Life Mini Humidifier Walkas Mini Portable Cool Mist Humidifier Sbode Humidifier Winkeyes 150ml Creative Penguin Humidifier cleefun Portable Small Humidifier Cool Mist Humidifier
Size of humidifier 2.7 x 2.7 x 5.7inch 6.3 inches tall, 2.5 inches wide 13 x 8x 8cm 5.8 x 2.5 inches  7.6 x 8.5 x 12.4cm 2.7x 2.7 x 5.7 inch
Tank capacity 230 ml 300 ml 280 ml 250 ml 150 ml 230ml
Operating time 6 hours continuous (8-10 hours) or intermittent (16-20 hours) 7-8 hours 5 to 7 hours 4 hours Continuous 3-4 hours or at intervals 7-8 hours
Unique features 2 Mist Modes, 7 Color LED Changing Light, Auto Shutdown Technology, Intelligent protection Two operating modes, USB powered, built in ‘nightlight, solid quality construction with rubber non-skid stable base USB Powered, Built in 3 hours automatic shut off function, environmentally friendly material BPA Free material, Auto shut off, powered via USB cable, Night Light Colorful Night Light, Auto Shut Off 2 Mist Modes, Powered by USB charger, 7 Color LED Night Light

Features and Drawbacks of the best office humidifier

9Oine Cool Mist Humidifier

Benefit #1 Noiseless action

With a PureMist ultrasonic technology, the 9Oine Cool Mist Humidifier operates at below 15 decibels thus quiet for use in the office.

Benefit #2 Two Mist Modes

It has an ultrasonic continuous spray and an interval spray mode giving you options for different demand. The interval spray goes on for 3 seconds then stops for 2 seconds in a cycle that humidifies the air quickly and efficiently.

Benefit #3 Small and Compact size

Ideal for traveling and office use, the 9Oine Cool Mist Humidifier comes in a small, compact and ergonomic size – 2.7 x 2.7 x 5.7 inch.

Benefit #4 7 Color LED Changing Light

The appliance has seven colors for decoration and illumination to lighten up any dull office space. You can set the humidifier in its 2 modes for LED light and 7 auto-changing color mode or even stick to one color.

Benefit #5 Auto Shut Technology

The 9Oine humidifier has a 4 and 8 hour auto-shut off feature and intelligent protection that reduces the risk of burning as no heat is involved. This is particularly useful if you need to use the appliance for some time then it can automatically shut off when not needed.

Free and Healthy Life Mini Humidifier

Benefit #1 USB Powered

The Free and Healthy Life Mini Humidifier is USB-powered with a cable included with purchase. You can charge it with convenience when you are on the move.

Benefit #2 Two Operating Modes

The small humidifier operates in two modes: continuous for 8-10 hours or intermittent for 16-20 hours. It has an on/off LED light for easy operation.

Benefit #3 Quality build

With an elegant portable design for car cup holder, this is the ideal humidifier for use when on the move. It has a compact size that makes it ideal for use in the children’s bedrooms. You can also use it as an oil diffuser.
Not only is the humidifier built ergonomically, it also boasts a solid quality construction and has a rubber non-skid base to avoid toppling.

Benefit #4 Built-In Night-light

It has a beautiful night light to illuminate the bedroom for a soothing feel.

Drawback # 1 Easily breaks when not used correctly

This compact humidifier is a great companion but only if you use it correctly. If managed wrongly, the appliance will stop working.

Walkas Mini Portable Cool Mist Humidifier

Benefit #1 Small size

Perfect for cars, Desks and single rooms, the Walkas mini portable cool mist humidifier is small, compact and sufficiently lightweight to take it when on the move.

Benefit # 2 USB Powered

For whatever length of time that there is USB Power source, loading with pure water, you can appreciate the cool mist it emits.

Benefit # 3 Automatic shut-off

Designed with a 3-hour programmed shut-off function, and can constantly work for 6 hours with bottle full filled by water.

Benefit # 4 Great design

2017 newest, lovely desert flora formed small scale humidifier made with environmentally friendly material, low noise, near zero radiation, and appropriate for newborn children and pregnant women.

Sbode Humidifier

Benefit # 1 USB-Powered

Sbode cool mist humidifier is powered via USB cable. It is compatible with laptops, computers, power bank, and any other devices support USB. It only needs a single button to operate.

Benefit # 2 Small size

With a 250ml water tank, the Sbode humidifier is a perfect personal humidifier. It boasts an effective coverage area up to 43sq.ft, which makes it ideal for office, car, hotel, dorm and nurseries.

Benefit # Great size

With a modern and smooth PP + silicone, and a beautiful cylindrical design, the Sbode humidifier makes an excellent décor item as it combines a modern and natural style that fits any room or office perfectly.

Benefit # 4 Night-Light Function

When you long press, the power button it goes into light mode. Light mode can offer warm and soothing lighting in the darkness or serve as a cute distraction when spending the late nights at the office.

Winkeyes Penguin Humidifier

Benefit # 1 Colorful Night Light and Humidifier

The Winkeyes creative penguin mini USB humidifier is not only a cool mist humidifier but also can serves as a night light. The striking penguin-shaped appliance has a 7-color led night light that is great for nurseries.

Benefit # 2 Super Easy to Use

You do not tech know-how to operate this user-friendly humidifier, it is super easy to use. Follow the manual and it will operate effortlessly.

Benefit # 3 Great Functionality

The small humidifier relieves cough, cold and flu symptoms, itchy dry skin, congested sinuses, chapped lips, dry eyes, headaches by adding moisture to dry air, be useful for your home, room, car, office, yoga or traveling.

Benefit # 4 Auto Shut Off

The personal humidifier comes with a humanized auto shut off function that will turn off after every 3 hours of use. You do not have to worry about hazards in the home even if you forget to unplug the machine.

cleefun Portable Small Humidifier Cool Mist Humidifier

Benefit #1 Compact Size and Lightweight

Cleefun individual air humidifier’s size: 2.7 x,2.7 x 5.7 inch, makes it appropriate for small spaces like small bedrooms, living space for babies, kids, or for use in a mini office, vehicle or travel.

Benefit # 2 Uses both Mineral Water and Tap Water

The cleefun Portable Small Humidifier Cool Mist Humidifier is only suitable for mineral water and tap water. Not for use with oils, perfumes or distilled water.

Benefit # 3 2 Mist Modes

If you touch the switch, and open continuous spray mode, it can operate for 3-4 hours and then auto shut off. If you touch the switch again, it goes into interval spray mode which sprays for 2 seconds, stops for 2 seconds in a cycle. It can work for 7-8 hours in this mode.

Benefit # 4 USB-Powered

The air humidifier requires power from a USB interface of PC, power bank or laptop.

Benefit # 5 7 Color LED Night Light

Decoration and illumination light with a 7-color auto changing mode.

Bottom Line

Our comprehensive list of six office humidifiers covers the best compact-size humidifiers for frequent travel and for use on your workstation. Each of these humidifiers makes it to the list due to their striking and unique features. You will note, though, that all the humidifiers have a small tank capacity, small size and lightweight, striking design and are USB-powered. It is important that you tick these features to see that you can move around with ease and enjoy great convenience when battling dry air.

For striking features, each of these humidifiers has a pleasant surprise. The Sbode humidifier is made of BPA-free plastic thus safe for use around babies. The cleefun comes in a beautiful design akin to a cactus serving as a stylish element to any dull space besides its functionality. Winkeyes is available in a penguin-like design that makes it suitable for children’s rooms. It also has a striking night-light to illuminate dark rooms.

Besides its striking design, the 9Oine Cool Mist Humidifier boasts an intelligent protection feature that uses no heat thus offering no risk of burns or accidents. On the other hand, the Free and Healthy mini humidifier features top-quality construction with a rubber, non-skid base that is stable for frequent shuffling between the home, car and office. Lastly, the Cleefun comes in a stunning design that makes it suitable for use during travel as it can fit in a cup holder.

It is evident that all these humidifiers are great for office use. If you think of purchasing the best office humidifier, consider any of these compact humidifiers.

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