Vornado humidifier review

Vornado Humidifier Review

Have you ever felt the crackle in the heat? If you have then you probably understand how uncomfortable that is. And how breathing can sometimes feel like a chore. If you have allergies then you can just forget getting a good night’s sleep. And if you appreciate clean air then you probably know how the right humidifier can work wonders. Today we’re going to talk you present you Vornado humidifier review, in particular, the Vornado Evap40 Humidifier.

As the name suggests, the Vornado Evap40 comes with innovative vortex action that can humidify your room more efficiently than the ordinary humidifier because of its unique capability to distribute purified air throughout the room evenly. Not to mention the massive water tank with a capacity of over 4 gallons! And of course, there are the special deep pitch blades that pull in more air to give you the perfect breathing conditions that much faster.

And if you’re not already impressed let’s talk about coverage: the Vornado can cover a 1000 sq. ft. easy. If you have large rooms or if you just need a powerful and capable humidifier then the Vornado evap40 humidifier is the perfect fit for you. Let’s go through some of the reasons you should get a Vornado evap40:

Benefits To Get A Vornado Evap40 Humidifier:

1. Longevity:

If you have allergies or breathing problems then you understand how crucial clean breathing is for a comfortable sleep. Now imagine not being able to give your best the next day because you woke up in the middle of the night feeling irritated and confused. Because your humidifier ran out of water and you needed to refill it. And after going through the motions of refilling your water tank, you found that you just couldn’t go back to sleep.

The Vornado Evap40 comes with a huge 4-gallon tank that gives exactly 4 gallons worth of capacity that easily lasts you the whole twenty-four hours! No more late night refills with this humidifier.

2. Powerful Deep Pitch Blades:

The Vornado has incredibly deep, pitch blades that were designed to pull in the maximum amount of air. From here the harsh, rough air is taken into an especially designed filter that purifies the air. This design on the Vornado evap40 allows it to purify and distribute the air in your room that much faster. Giving that much less of a wait time before you can enjoy calming, fresh air.

 3. Innovative Vortex action:

It is the vortex action on the Vornado that gives it that extra edge. Other humidifiers might release the purified air out in the same direction.

While the vortex action on the Vornado circulates the air more efficiently and spreads humidified air evenly throughout the room for complete and perfect humidification. The Vornado vortex assisted evap40 can send purified air farther into a room and much faster. Because the powerful fan on the Vornado produces strong and continuous bursts of air to humidify the room that much sooner.

This special feature allows the Vornado to move massive volumes of harsh, dry air through the filter and back out into your home for quick, purified air.

4. Multiple Settings Of The Fan:

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the lack of settings on a device then you are not alone in that. You will then appreciate the fact that Vornado has three different settings and that’s not including the humidistat. The fan speeds are:

High: You can put your humidifier on high in case you have a large room or you need a room humidified immediately.

Medium: This setting covers your day to day clean air needs.

Low: You can put the humidifier on low for when you’re sleeping without having to worry that it won’t be enough. The low setting also comfortably covers a small room.

The Vornado also comes with a dial to control the level of humidity you want. With the humidistat: you can adjust the dial anywhere between MAX and MIN to get your desired humidity. The Vornado will run until it ensures your selected level of humidity is achieved.

5. Overall Design:

Truthfully, the Vornado evap40 in not the best looking or the most size friendly model on the market. When it comes to humidifiers it might seem a little excessive in terms of size. But that’s because the Vornado was built with a particular purpose in mind: to humidify all the air in the room (even a big one) as quickly as possible.

And towards this end, the Vornado has been shaped to fit your needs. A powerful vent that pulls in the air quickly and a fan that distributes it perfectly thanks to Vornado’s special vortex action. Because of which it is a large, stable and dependable machine. It might not come in a sleek design but it performs exactly as promised.

You can place it in your large bedroom or spacious dining room and be confident that the Vornado evap40 will humidify it thoroughly.

6. Noiseless:

Have you found it hard to sleep because of the noise your humidifier makes? If so, then you should switch it out for a Vornado evap40 because of its ability to soundlessly and reliably humidify your air even as you sleep.

 7. Massive And Convenient Water Tank

You will find that not all humidifiers will employ all of the water which they carry in their water tank. Some of the water might be wasted by the machine as it is getting ready to start its job.

The Vornado is unique in that not only does it carry a massive 4-gallon tank but it employs all 4 gallons! And it can deliver a full twenty-four hours’ worth of humidified air.

The Vornado evap40 was built to make ascertain easy use. For this reason, the water tanks were placed efficiently on the sides. For easy reach and refill purposes.

The airlock water tanks on the Vornado are extremely convenient as they lift easily out of the base when you need to fill them and fit perfectly back into place when you’re done. The sturdy build ensures that they are spill-proof, leak-proof. Not to mention easy to fill.

8. Coverage

As can be expected from such a powerful machine, the Vornado evap40 can cover an incredible 1000 sq. ft.

This product is perfect for people with large rooms, and especially if they have high ceilings. The Vornado can successfully pull in large amounts of air in a room quickly, humidify it thoroughly and send it back out just as fast to spread completely across a large space.

9. Value For Money

The Vornado delivers your money’s worth in performance. You can go online and read multiple customer reviews and they will all tell you the same thing: the Vornado is an amazing product! And it works great. With all of the features on the Vornado evap40, the price seems perfectly reasonable. If you need a humidifier that works well, conveniently with easy maintenance then you should get a Vornado evap40.

10. 5-Year Guarantee

Only a company that has full confidence in the quality and performance of their product would offer a five-year guarantee. And the Vornado evap40 comes with the quality assurance of the company Vornado that pride themselves on their innovative designs and high-end products.

Reasons you might not agree with Vornado humidifier review:

A product may be perfect in design, technology, convenience, and efficiency. But it cannot suit all types of consumers especially if they have some specific needs in mind. And for a fair review, we will list the reasons you might not get the Vornado evap40.

1. The Size

The people who usually need a humidifier get it because they need it to help them sleep better. And for this reason, they favor smaller designs. They need something they can fit on the table next to their bed. Something that does not take too much space and is near at hand in case they need to get up in the middle of the night and refill it.

The Vornado will never give you the trouble of having to get up for a refill. However, it will be difficult for you to carry around the Vornado humidifier because of its dimensions: 13.5” H x 19.5” W x 10.5” D. And for this reason it is obviously not portable.


There are plenty of companies out there that are offering products along similar lines. But you won’t find a humidifier with the Vornado’s features available at these prices.

For healthy living, clean air is a must. And for a good uninterrupted sleep, purified air is a necessity. If you’re looking for a product with a long life and a consistent performance then you need to get yourself a Vornado evap40 humidifier.

Among other things, this product is manufactured and constructed completely in the U.S.A. And it satisfies national quality standards.

In a brief recap, this humidifier can pull in large amounts of air through a powerful vent quickly. And it then runs all that air through two filters effortlessly. Now that the air is clean, it will be circulated evenly throughout your room perfectly thanks to the incredible vortex action on the Vornado. It doesn’t matter if you have large rooms or high ceilings. The Vornado can send clean air farther than other humidifiers easier and faster.

If that wasn’t enough there are also the convenient and easy to use water tanks that can carry 4 gallons worth of water. And this humidifier can employ all four gallons of water to give you a full twenty-four hours! In other words, ensuring not only clean air but a good night’s rest.

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